Cost of living up, standard down

'A Wall Street Journal article in January this year wrote that the relentless influx of foreigners has depressed the wages of ordinary Singaporeans, increased the cost of living and led to an overall decline in the standards of living.' I lifted the above paragraph from an article in TOC. And I believe that some Singaporeans also feel this way, especially those in cyberspace and the losers. How many of you believe that the above statement is true? I think it all depends on how big is your pay check and whether your annual increment is bigger than the rising cost of living. I have spoken to many people and they said not true leh. They said they didn't feel it at all. Some even asked, 'Oo yiah boh' or 'got shadow or not' in Hokien. But then these are the people who also said, 'What is $10m?' So the above statement is a very subjective one. I am stuck in between. Don't know what is happening. Perhaps I am the lucky few, the ignorant ones. When you don't know what is happening, life goes on quite pleasantly.


Anonymous said...

Funny, why is it that so many Singaporeans suddenly start feeling 'ignorant'. Must be the education system devised by Dr. Goh. But please don't blame the dead.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The currency has been debased by the amount of "stimulus". Therefore your dollar buys you less.

This is not rocket science: Sheeple want stimulus, govt creates more currency, debt and credit, economy is "saved" (appears to be), people keep their jobs, eventually their pay (stagnant) buys less.

The Sheeple get what they deserve, again.

Anonymous said...

Now that the stimulus is about over, time for the people to pay.

Not only sheepies here, but everybody around the whole wide world.

In fact, now is the time for the big squeeze in the EU followed by Japan. Who is next?