China did the right thing

When faced with American provocation and drum beating to raise tension in the Korean Peninsula, China did the right thing by telling the provocateurs to get lost. What China did was to conduct its own war exercises in its coastal waters. And by so doing, it activated the live firing zones in the Yellow Sea. So live rounds would be fired and if American and South Korean ships strayed into the area, it would be at their own risk. And the risk would include the surrounding area as the soldiers could misfire or fire at the wrong place or wrong target. The Americans knew that China meant business when protecting its own territorial waters is concerned and quietly move their war mongering to the sea between Japan and North Korea. North Korea should do the same, start its own wargames and activate the sea as a live firing zone. Then stray bullets and missiles can hit wrong target accidentally. That should keep the warmongering nations at bay and to think twice. North Korea is not Iraq and the Americans could only second guess how far their missiles can go. The west coast states of America should not be a problem.


Anonymous said...

Hope the wars will start now and last till 2012.

It would be the best show the world could ever provides.


hopefully by then, the result would have been determined.

Then, those who survive will have a new dawn.


Anonymous said...

2012? The end? A nuclear world war?

Nobody will be able to survive a nuclear world war. Sure, the Americans top dogs have mountain holes to hide, with food and water to last for up to 3 years or more, but after that, what?

Even those that survive the first nuclear strike would gradually perish over time from radiation sickness. Nobody has gone through that yet, but if they start a nuclear war, they can find out the horrible truth. No use double guessing now. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were just tiny samples of the real thing.

It would not be a new dawn. It would be a worst nightmare for survivors and everything would go back to the stone age. Or to put it another way, mankind will be bombed back to the stone age, even if some managed to survive.

Anonymous said...

No new dawn ? Then have a new start.

Bo hay hee ah ho- no fish prawn pun jadi(ok).

No nuclear bomb destruct whole world one.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, the yanks should get the fuck out of the territory.

And they'd better pay heed to China, since China is America's banker -- no China, no money; no money, no honey.

But the US won't listen, they'll start shit. Anyway, Japan, Korea and most ASEAN nations favour US presence in the region and involvement in the N Korea issue, only thing is these countries won't state publicaly that they support US involvement to at the very least to "moderate" China's growing dominance in the region.

Real politik, real war! Stock up on beer and kacang puteh, this is going to get exciting.

Anonymous said...

The Yanks are making trouble in Latin America now, supporting Columbia against Venezuela. They are eyeing the oil over there and hoping to get rid of Chavez. He is a thorn in the flesh over in Latin America, just like Kim in Asia and Ahmadinejad in Middle East.

Where they go, trouble is sure to follow.

Matilah_Singapura said...


> trouble is sure to follow. <

That depends on where you are. I'd like to think of it as entertainment -- of the ost spectacular kind -- satellite tech, Predator Drones, Smart Bombs, lasers, robots...all very cool stuff.

And being the only super-power with the biggest defence budget, they usually fight an enemy who can never confront the might of the US military head-on. The "enemy" has to resort to other tactics like kidnapping, car bombing, IED's and other "low tech" but nonetheless deadly strategies.

The US is extremely good at war because they are the only country who ca be described as "war-like" -- over 200 military encounters in 250 or so years.

They are also expert at creating spin about the wars they engage in: their massive global media, Hollywood, militant democrats and fight-seeking republicans -- US Congress likes to go to war.

And so I say bring it on. I live in a cuntry which is the prime US ball-licker in the southern hemisphere. I was against Aust's involvement in Iraq ad Afghanistan from the very beginning, but I'm in the minority here. So I said "Fuck it". I'll just enjoy the killing and suffering pay as little tax as possible -- other's can fund my entertainment :)