A brave 9 year old

The 9 year old boy was not only brave, but sexually mature for his age. He initiated a discussion on sex with his 36 year old man tutor. And when the man went into the toilet, he pushed open the toilet door to have oral sex with him. The man was like a defenceless victim being pursued by an aggressive sex predator. The helpless victim was found guilty for not warding off the advances of the 9 year boy and was sentenced to 6 years jail and 6 strokes of the cane. Ouch, I thought he was being raped and the rapist was being jailed and caned. This whole episode in today's paper is so confusing. Who was the victim? Was the act so horrendous to deserve 6 years of jail and 6 strokes of caning? And actually there were two willing partners who were not trying to hurt or harm each other. I am very perplexed. What if the victim was a 36 year old woman? Still a crime for sex with a juvenile. But what would be the punishment?


Anonymous said...

You may like to find out more about sexology and sexuality with a Dr Martha at theonlinecitizen site. She should be expert about the psychology and philosophy on sexual matters. There should be expert opinions and consultations with such specialists when dealing with sexual offences and all matters about sex.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, no need for that, Anon 8.42. We have, in house, right on this blog, some very eminent expertise who have given good sex advice from time to time.

Just give them a tickle or broach the subject.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The adult is to blame.

Children develop sexuality, but until the age of consent an adult who is ENTRUSTED with the child cannot be allowed to take advantage of the relationship (asymmetric -- power/ authority/ trust) between adult and child.

The guy was definitely in the wrong. Everyone has "impulses". Being an adult is taking responsibilities for one's emotions, feelings and impulses and controlling ones ACTIONS and BEHAVIOUR relating to those feelings.

The man is a sexual offender. Same would apply if the adult was a woman.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Part of being a tutor or a mentor of a child is to clarify and explain to the student what emotions and feelings are, and how to respond appropriately to them. We all have emotions – that is part of the human conscious.

For e.g. I might “feel like” killing a member of the PAP. Even if I don’t rest assured there are many citizens out there who do. However it is appropriate to acknowledge the (negative) feeling, and make the choice not to do anything illegal, possibly immoral (to each his own to judge) like murdering one of these govt douch-bags.

A good teacher will never deny nor judge (the morality) the feelings of his student. He will acknowledge them.

“Yes, you inquiry into matters of sexuality has generated some kinds of feelings in you. You feel that you must express these feelings in a sexual manner. However it is inappropriate for you to do so.” Tutor then brings lesson to a close and removes himself from the scene.

That’s about all the dude needed to say and do. Now he’s going to be caned, and forever have a record of being a sexual predator.

It is the tutor who could not manage his own emotions. Let this be a warning to all parents – who might themselves have a look at their own emotional lives.

ALL the “entertainment” in the world is begins with human emotions and continues with ACTIONS -- chosen in appropriate ways, but mostly CATESTROPHICALLY WRONG ways.

The observable fact that many adults are still emotional babies is fucking funny!

Anonymous said...

Loves the philosophical part of some comments.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I hope some of the liberal organisations or representatives will share their views on this.