Becoming Third World

We were not only having Third World Thinking, we are becoming Third World. We used to be First World for many years in the sense that everything works. Turn on the tap and there is drinking water. Press on the switch and there is light. The trains and buses ply the roads regularly. The traffic lights work. People go to work on time and return home on time. Streets are clean and there is social order. We took all these things for granted. We were First World and these are expected. Recently we have floods everywhere on increasing frequency with a little rain. We used to have heavy thunder storms for hours. We have fallen trees, pedestrain bridge knocked by crane, and serious traffic jams. And our biggest bank suffered a serious glitch when its computer system gone down for hours. The standby system didn't work as well. This time no one was caught off guarded. It was unexpected. Where do we go from here? Can we still take it for granted that everything works? Or are we going back to the Third World? We would have arrived there if we see people clinging tightly to buses and trains, hanging outside the doors and windows. We are approaching there when the trains and buses hit their crushed load. And we would be there if our women folks become maids in neighbouring countries. Don't worry. We won't go back there. These are minor glitches and would not happen again. Everytime when any such things happened, there will be a thorough investigation to fix it. They will not be allowed to be repeated. We are First World after all. But don't be complacent and take things for granted.


Wally Buffet said...

Utterly disgraceful.

When Singapore was still Singaporean, we rarely had such "glitches", "caught off guarded", "once in a 50 year" occurrences. Things ran like clockwork as you said.

Just look at the state of the country now. What happened?

I was at a departmental store shopping with my missus yesterday. Every single sales person who attended to us was from the PRC save for the cashiers who were Malaysians. I know where all the Singaporeans are. Pouring over the classifieds at home trying to land a job, any job.

We next went to People's Park and on the second and third floor, it was Geylang resurrected. Rows of "reflexology" and "TCM" clinics but with PRC hookers standing outside. And this smut is only just half a km. from the Police anti vice at Cantonment complex! My missus was jokingly sarcastic. She said if she wasn't with me, I would have been ensnared into the black hole of temptation!

Oldies like us contributed to a legacy of a clean, prosperous, happy Singapore. Now, what we see is that the years of hard work is going down the tube. Fast!

We will go down in the Guinness Book of Records as the country with the easiest immigration rules, just so we get a few more head counts. Anything will do it seems. The protitutes, bus drivers, construction workers, reflexology fakes, cooks, assorted villians. In fact anyone is encouraged to try their potluck.


Anonymous said...

Now, the great answer from the great leader is: Singaporeans cannot expect no floodings. What an answer!

Very soon, with the gambling culture setting in and more people committing suicide, the great leader will tell us: Singaporeans cannot expect no suicide. What a revelation!

The truth is, as many have pointed out, they are washing their hands of all responsibilities, financially, socially and morally.

The only thing of interest to them is accumulating more reserves by importing more foreigners and inflating their own benchmarks.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

They are trying to make more money from the oldies. And many of the oldies are living on their savings or handouts from their dependents.

This is how desperate the transport companies are. And oh, also from school going children. This is definitely first world thinking. In the third world, they have more compassion for the oldies and school going children.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Third Worlds.

Tell me, are Singaporeans happier than Malaysians, Indonesians, Thais, Tibetans, Mongolians, Congolians, Mauritians, Sri Lankans, oh shit! There simply too many for me to list.

Make it short, in which country(ies), the inhabitants are less happy than Singaporeans?