Asean should censure the US

It is heartening for Asean to ignore the American pressure to impose sanctions against the North Koreans on a drum up charge by a kangaroo court that the North sank the Choenan. The fact or the truth is still in deep water and both the Americans and South Koreans are afraid to let an independent international team to investigate the evidence which they claimed were facts. This is a real slap on the face of Hilary. She and Gates were the most vocal at the Asean Summit in Hanoi, trying to drag Asean to condemn North Korea without giving Asean a chance to verify the truth. They kept shouting that the North Koreans were provocative when they conduct war drills at the North's doorstep and wanted to freeze some 100 North Korean bank accounts overseas. With such outright provocations, instead they are pointing the fingers at the North Koreans. Asean should pass a resolution to censure the US for their provocative acts against North Korea. Further, they are trying to incite the Asean countries against China by offering themselves as the mediator to the counter claims to the Spratleys and Paracel islands. The countries involved in the disputed islands have more or less reach some kind of understanding or agreements. The Americans would not accept that and want the issues to be blown up and raise tension between Asean states and China. Such stirring of shit is the standard operating procedure of the US to get other countries to be at each other's throat. How clever of the evil empire.


Anonymous said...

I don't think anybody will ever get a chance to examine the evidence. To cover a lie, you have to get rid of the evidence as fast as you can.

If the American leaders can do that to their own people, if you believe the alternative investigations behind 911, you should not be surprised. The debris of the twin towers were disposed off so quickly that no one independent party could sift through the damming evidence. The public just have to accept the official but fabricated evidence given by their own investigators and could do nothing else but hammer away at the conspiracy theory over the last 8 to 9 years.

In the meantime, all the MSM of the United Nations of America will continue to repeat the propaganda that it was the North Koreans who did it. Repeat the lie long enough and it becomes the truth.

Matilah_Singapura said...

You have to be joking. ASEAN will continue to suck USA dick. And I don't buy this wayang.

ASEAN has to look like a wimp,because this is classic smoke and mirrors -- put on a falacious face to influence people to draw the wrong conclusion.

Secretly ASEAN is happy that the US is hammering Kim Jong Ill's private kingdom. ASEAN doesn't like N Korea because the mad man destabalises markets and reputations in the Asian region. But ASEAN has no balls to deal with this porn-loving, mansion-owning, nuke-crazy cartoon character.

Asian culture: direct confrontation ==> BAD. USing a powerful pawn to do your dirty work ==> GOOD.

Public persona's and face is preserved. And if Kim JI capitulates or is removed from power, ASEAN banks and financiers will "do the humanitarian thing" and "assist" N Korea to "modernise" and "become democratic". Big players like S'pore GLC and Temasek, as well as large S korean and Jap consortiums will win.

USA == military for hire. And they have the strongest, most deadly military who can't wait to get into another dirty war. (beacause the military-industrial complex will make more money)

Anonymous said...

Kim is mad? Or is he?

Many Americans believe George W. Bush was also funny in the head during his presidency. He talks directly to God. God asked him to start the war in Iraq.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I am still wondering what North Korea or Kim has done to destabilise the region. And I don't think Asean leaders believe that he is a mad man. North Korea is invited to the Asean Summit. Would Asean invite North Korea if they are destabilising the region?

And who is spreading the rumour that Kim is a mad man, a porn lover? And who is swallowing this fabricated fiction whole sale?

But the Americans have been spreading this shit for so long that many gullibles are believing that this is true.

The new shit is that Kim is propping up his son to be the next great leader. And because of this, they are unable to think clearly or need more provocative actions to justify the succession. How foolish can such logic be? But don't worry, many silly Asians will swallow this as well.

And the Americans know that it will work because many silly Asians only read CNN, Foxnews,NBC, BBC, Reuters, AP etc etc and will swear that these media producers are always telling the truth and nothing but the gospel truth.

Anonymous said...

Redbean Sir;

please allow me to say 'the truth and nothing but the truth' sounds a lot better.

Me finds the word gospel not so appropriate for orientals.

By the way, let the US and its' stooges do what they like, the truth will be out soon, if not ultimately, it will be.

Let's focus on SIN affairs.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

It is good that China told the little girl off for meddling in other people's affairs.

Hilary or the US is trying their innocent best to plant a seed a discontent between Asean and China.

And who recommends this evil empire to be included in the Asean summit?

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 341

> Kim is mad? Or is he? <

All politicians (or people who aspire to wield authority over others) must have some "madness" otherwise they could not succeed in the rough-tumble, no-rules, no holds barred arena of politics

Anonymous said...

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