Another discovery after the Great Flood

The latest Great Flood has led to a new discovery in the Stamford Canal. It was discovered that the Canal with a capacity to deliver water up to 1 and ½ Olympic size swimming pool per minute is not able to tahan two onslaughts of rain of more than 100mm coming within half an hour of one another. Obviously a new canal with a bigger capacity is needed. Maybe they should consider a canal that can take 4 onslaughts of 200mm rain within an hour. Maybe be even bigger to cater for a population of 8-10 million people. Such possibility is now higher with the weather, being the weather, misbehaving so badly recently. And as the world gets smaller, not only that we will have to face the problems from La Nina and La Nino, we will now have to watch the typhoons in Vietnam and the South China Sea for flooding. In the meantime work has started to review the whole drainage system and the weather pattern of unpredictable world climatic changes.


Anonymous said...

Did someone shout 'Eureka'?

Some are still struggling with their 'learning experience' after years on the job, while Singapore floods.

And some just discovered that floods are caused by 'intense storm'. Never knew that.

Anonymous said...

Never mind about the floods, let everyone deals with it themselves.

What's important now is to know where the flood prone areas are and avoid staying, doing business and passing through when there are heavy downpours.

As the Leaders have repeatedly said floods cannot be avoided. It cannot be avoided la, although many do think there are many contributing factors for the floods to occur.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In 1969 when the British decided to pull out, and if Goh Keng Swee said, just too bad, nothing can be done, unavoidable....

If we did not do anything about being self sufficient in our water needs and continue to depend on Malaysia, because we don't have the expertise to do anything....

I don't think this flooding issue is more difficult to solve than the above.