Another dangerous scheme brewing

The ERPs and COEs were designed to control the number of cars on the road and to ensure that traffic flow in the highways is smooth and of an acceptable speed. Looks like these objectives are going to be forgotten soon with the thought of using satellites to monitor cars on the road, for effective and efficient collection of revenue. Now the thinking seems to be on how to charge motorists for road usage. Does this mean that motorists will be charged regardless of whether they are travelling in the highways or in little roads in the estates or in Kranji or Sembawang? Hey, driving inside the HDB may also be charged if we are not careful. So, motorists not causing congestion, or trying to take smaller roads, travelling longer distances, will not escape the dragnet. I am seeing the goal posts wavering as if they are going to be moved.


Anonymous said...

That's what most people are thinking. Anything that makes money, they will do it in the best way possible.

Anything that is not, they will say you have to share the cost or responsibility. Why do we need to choose a Government? To screw us up?

Anonymous said...

They've move on from fixing opposition parties to lesser mortals...sigh

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Shit, now I drive from one HDB car park to the next also got to pay if they implement this hi tech heavenly stuff.

Anonymous said...

I will tell you how small-minded these people are.

Those who stayed near Serangoon Junior College will know that for years, students had to walk a stretch of road, without shelter, to the bus-stop and, for years, the College was trying to get the authorities to erect a sheltered walkway, so that students going to and from the bus-stop can have shelter on rainy days.

That particular stretch of road, unfortunately, runs through the constituency of Low Thia Khiang, the opposition.

The authorities, you would surely have guessed, would not allow the construction of the walkway along that stretch of road because it will also benefit opposition voters. If this is not a sign of small-mindedness, I don't know what is.

And, from what I understand, if the College wants the walkway along that stretch of road under the opposition, thereby benefiting opposition voters, the College will have to foot the bill.

Where did they finally put up the walkway? It runs right inside the College compound, across the perimeter of the school field. Many residents were baffled. It was a senseless decision and against human logic. Only this Government can come up with this kind of fixture to fix opponents. I wish someone will take a picture of it and post it online. It must be the only one of its kind in red dot.

This just goes to show what kind of people we have running this Government. Absolutely vindictive to the core.

Right, they are not just fixing the opposition parties, they are fixing the opposition voters as well. Lesser mortals will be the next to be fixed, opposition or not.

Anonymous said...

Can capitalist and pseudo socialist governments from Europe to America and South East Asia be trusted to govern for the good of the people? In USA and Europe the crooks and super scoundrels in the government and commercial world work hand in gloves to cheat and swindle their countries and the world by rigging shares and speculation through unscrupulous syndicates. These crooks never lose money, only the public listed companies they run do. Don't worry the unthical crooks in the government will use tax payers money to bail out the failed companies.

The operations of the pseudo capitalist socialist governments in S. E Asia are slightly different but all the same they exploit the people for their own greed and unlimited benefits. They cleverly rob the people through the legality of the law and statutes and thus can always increase taxes as and when they like. The ministers pay themselves by the millions per year. What do they care about the hardships the commoners face?If the evil trend goes on revolution will not be far away.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I fully support a "user pay" system for roads. Roads are a good, goods need to be made and maintained and that costs money. You can have a flat tax on the whole society but then that's unfair to those who don't use roads a lot and a tax-payer free kick to those who do -- like transport companies, heavy vehicles and joy riders.

I think the question here should be is how should user-pay be implemented.

Nothing immoral about paying for the things you use in this life. That's just normal.

Wally Buffet said...


When you say you support a "user pay" system for road users, you lost sight of the fact that here in Singapore we are already paying exorbitant road tax, parking, COE, insurance and what nought. Not to mention ERP charges in the most ridiculous and unlikely places. We are paying through our nose and enough is enough. And no matter how well looked after your car is, it has to go to the scrap yard at the end of ten years. Besides those charges and levies that are apparent, you also have to pay "hidden" levies up front first that will be refunded to you at the end of ten years and which can only be used to buy another new car, for another round of "milking" for money. That martherfocker who thought of this scheming thievery, I wished pox on him!

In Australia, correct me if I am wrong, you can own and drive your car until the wheels drop off. No COE, minimal road tax and equitable insurance expenses. An obnoxious car owning scheme such as we have here will bring down ANY government in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we already paid world class prices for owning a car. When we buy one new car, we have to pay them the equivalent of another 1.5 cars. After we used that car for 10 years, we have to pay them COE to drive for another 10 years.

Do the Government of other countries do that? If not, we cannot compare what the Government of other countries do.

Anonymous said...

How else to pay millions to keep the dead woods in the system?

Matilah_Singapura said...


No i haven't lost sight of that at all.

I do agree that to pay twice is unfair and unjust. However S'poreans have had ample opportunity through the years to get rid of the silly COE system.

The COE is a tax, traded like a "security" on the stock market -- price goes up, price goes down. This is another spectacular con job by the state...but the people silently complain and do nothing.

>> In Australia, correct me if I am wrong, you can own and drive your car until the wheels drop off.<<

Not true, times have changed. There are tolls in Sydney and Melbourne much like the ERP in Singapore, and the tolls are costly.

Insurance rates have also gone up, but because cars are cheaper, the insurance premiums are therefore lower than S'pore.

Where the confiscatory state makes the most revenue are the traffic fines, which are out of this world. And if you don't pay, they take away your license AND your vehicle or boat.

The points demerit system is also a stroke of genius: points are calculated over 3 years -- yes folks, 12 points quota for 3 long years. Mandatory: 3 months suspension for those who go over 12 points in 3 years.

And don't forget: if you lose your license your life changes. Public transport is more expensive and less frequent than S'pore, and you could even lose your means of income because most jobs require you to have a license.

Singapore: Not so bad lah!

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think we all agree that it is not so bad. In fact it is good. But when things are turning bad and can go bad, better shout.

If no one says anything, some cock will say, see, no complaints, everyone is happy, everyone supports the policy or decision.

Anonymous said...

Me bets that it will get 'badder' and 'baddest'. Evil is always follow by consequence and both are negative. It will be horrible if they are follow by effect; ergo.

Very 'yin', if one understands Chinese Language. Oh, never mind; it just means kind of eerie.