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American Human Trafficking Report a political tool?

Andy Ho wrote an article in the ST today claiming that the annual American Human Trafficking Report is a political tool. He also alleged that the report has a history of inaccuracies. And the better part, for almost a decade, the report conveniently left America out completely without any grading. Finally this year it placed America among the Tier One country, that is, free of human trafficking blemishes. Am I surprised or no? This report was a de facto world authority in monitoring abuses in human trafficking. Who has accredited this report and given it such a high status is as good as god knows. For those who have been victimized by the Americans, this report is plain rubbish, biased and distorted and adulterated. It is at, its best, an American doctored bastard piece of work. Only countries that were not smeared or attacked by the Americans would have agreed with the American reports. And they would even believe the American reports to be truthful and authoritative. Only when the Americans shafted the rubbish into their throats would they stand up to repute the reports and call it nonsensical.


Anonymous said...

I like pots and kettles. They are always calling each other black.

Anonymous said...

Those countries that rank poorly could learn from Singapore in creating their own report or 'index' with cherry picked parameters to make itself #1 or #2.

I'm sure there are geniuses in LKY IPS who could offer their services in tailoring a report.

Anonymous said...

Andy Ho...the "ignorant" Singaporean?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

No, Andy is a professional journalist.

Anonymous said...

The master is telling us not to get too cosy and reminding us who is the real master.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but the puppet is wearing big shoes now.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I would say at the least it is a political tool.

The present gang of progressive liberals in power in the US hate open borders, free markets and anonymity -- all of which Singapore provides. S'pore is still one of the best places to do business -- everything works, educated labour is reasonably cheap, and you can transfer technology, funds, manpower with very little red tape.

Progressive liberals (aka neo-Marxists) loath this idea because economic liberty means productive people who enjoy private enterprise can essentially give a meddling high-taxing, over-regulating government the middle finger.

Add to that S'pore govt's treatment of political dissent -- which is totally wrong and in fact gives the progressive western liberals an opportunity to "woo" young Singaporeans (most of whom don't know shit about economics nor freedom) into screaming "democracy" and "free Dr Chee", without know why or the long-term consequences of say, a welfare state or immigration controls.

So rock on Washington, you guys suck. But no doubt you will try your shit anywhere in the world with "America's #1 Export": DEMOCRACY by ideology or open warfare.

Anonymous said...

Tier one does not mean "free of human trafficking blemishes." Anyone who actually read the report would know this.

Anonymous said...

Andy Ho is great, great for States Times only.

Without him, states times may sell a little less of their newspapers. States Times must be grateful to him or at least appreciates him and gives him a higher appointment. Be kinder to him at least.