The American bully telling China off

The Chinese protested to the naval exercise involving a nuclear armed aircraft carrier in the Yellow Sea. To have a major military exercise at the Chinese doorstep is a kind of provocation to both China and North Korea. The American's reply, like all bullies, is simple. We have the capability to hold exercise anywhere and we will do it. This is the same kind of reply that the Japanese told the Chinese when they tried to colonise China in the dying days of the Ching Dynasty. China was weak and was inviting the stronger powers, like Japan, to attack her. One day China will hold military exercise in the Gulf of Mexico and the seas off California and will tell the Americans the same thing. For a start, China should conduct naval exercises with North Korea east of the Yellow Sea. In the meantime, train all the missiles at the aircraft carrier and other battle ships during the American and South Korean naval exercise. Send as many nuclear armed submarines to watch the exercise as well.


Wally Buffet said...

China and North Korea should be on Red Alert DEFCON 1 when the bullies start playing the fool.

I've said it often. The day is not far off when Russia, China, North Korea and Iran will conduct war games 250 nautical miles off the California coast and the Yanks can go f@#k themselves.

Matilah and I would be watching the spectacle of near apocalyptic proportions with glee with an upsized Burger King meal and a big tub of popcorns.

Go Boys Go!..........

Sorry folks........that was just a computer game.


Anonymous said...

The Americans and the West never practice what they preach.

The most vile practices carried out are perpetuated by them. Subterfuge, bullying, torture, false-flag operations, spying etc, they have perfected them to an art.

The believe is that all these will ensure their perpetual world domination.

Bush claims he talks directly to God. I wonder....

Anonymous said...

Oh boys:

You worry too much!

The Chinese has a wise saying 'Zuan tao qiao tou zi ran zhi' meaning everything will be in place when the time comes. 'e zing zi dong' meaning be prepared quietly and be on top(when it matters).

Anyway, empty vessel makes the most noise and the World have witnessed much of the defeats of the Imperialists in history. On the other hand, me does not understand the gains of winning wars. How the hell man(kind) feels glorious winning wars is quite baffling. Is there an innate nature of sadism in humans?

Peace brings peace and prosperity, it's eternal universal truth.


Anonymous said...


War is the biggest business for the West, especially the Americans. Start a war and you have people running to them for weapons, obsolete or not. If I am not mistaken, weapons production is the biggest American industry.

Why do they like to start wars? You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

America is actually a very peaceful country. We read it from the papers. Even great leaders sell this line of belief.

And I believe them too. Americans start war for peace. That is why their lackeys are fighting the wars for the. And have to buy the weapons too.

Anonymous said...

Yeah peaceful, but they are not that peaceful outside of their own country. They are now fighting two wars outside their own country, with two others pending, Iran and North Korea.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Believing in America is a new religion.

Anonymous said...

Only traitors believe in liers or else they are in cahoot, whichever is the case, the collaboraters are guilty of treasons.