Some pics from Sungei Buloh

These are some pics which I took on a Saturday afternoon at Sungei Buloh last week. The crocodile at the top was taken on the same day. I used to think that the signboards warning of crocodiles were farfetched till I saw this guy at the first bridge after the main entrance to the reserves.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Many Sporens prefer the plastic, shallow existence of Orchard Road and the city. Not me. I'm a beach bum who loves the natural outdoors, which is one of the reasons I choose to live in Bumfuck Nowhere, Australia.

S. Buloh and the surrounding areas of Kranji are wonderful "getaways". I also enjoy Pearce, Ubin and Bukit Timah where like Ubin you can swim in the quarry (at your own risk) -- naked. I used to go to Sentosa when it was Pulau Blakang Mati and also swim naked. Now Sentosa is spoiled beyond belief -- completely fucked up.

I urge Sporeans -- old and new -- to get with it and go out and enjoy the natural wonders -- whatever is left before some govt bureaucrat decides to put another HDB estate in places like S. Buloh.

During the 1920's my grandad used to hunt wild boar up in the undeveloped areas of Spore. I am surprised there are still crocodiles swimming wild --- to me that is a good thing.

Nice pics redbean. Perhaps you might like to suggest to those irksome bloggers to get out into nature instead of cluttering your blog with their inanity. Shit, if they like their computer so much, they can bring it along and with a mobile broadband account can surf the net and post bullshit on blogs from the middle of the "wetland".

One last thing: I take issue with all this bothersome new "yuppie" language. Like the words "utilize" instead of "use", "spaghetti" instead of "pasta", "handicapped" instead of "cripple"; and the word "wetlands" is no different. The word used for centuries was SWAMP. However those western-liberals got their way and decided to "soften" the language as if by changing the word you would alter an objective fact in reality.

So it seems if you call S. Buloh reserve a SWAMP it isn't as sexy as labeling it as wetlands. Oh... so much sexier! [vomit]

Anonymous said...

You are right. Why call it 'wetland' instead of 'swamp'? Just to fool the kids, perhaps.

Talking about swamps, I grew up living right in the middles of one such place along Tampines Road in the early fifties. Yeah, it was all clean outdoor fun with lots of interesting things and niches to explore. Those were the days!

Anonymous said...

'Those were the days', wonderful memories for me too.

There are plenty of 'those days' in the Riau Islands now.