Singapore companies risk brain drain

According to a Hay Group report, and reported by Lee Hui Chieh in the My Paper front page today, 'Companies here may face a brain drain if they do not repay the "sweat debt" - or employees' sacrifices - that they chalked up during the recession, a global consultancy firm warned yesterday.' This is the most serious threat to Singapore companies to date. If they refuse to up the pay of their employees, many will quit and move from Jurong to Ang Mo Kio or from Raffles Place to Shenton Way. The workers will simply quit and look for companies that are willing to pay them more. And if this fails, they will move further ashore, to JB, Batam and maybe Chennai and Shanghai. Singapore companies must not take our world class, most productive workers for granted. They are in demand everywhere, from Ang Mo Kio to Queenstown to JB and Batam. And they will move. Where else can these companies find CBF workers except in Singapore, Cheap Better and Fast!? Cheap to hire, Better in work and Fast in moving if companies do not repay them their 'sweat debt'. Come to think of it, this 'sweat debt', this country owes a big 'sweat debt' to the old hags that are still crawling around, alive, or to their children and grandchildren for the hardship they went through to build this country to what it is today. When is this country going to repay them? Or better to take care of new citizens and foreigners?


Anonymous said...

Repay the old hags? They are lucky if the Government and newcomers don't tell them to ship out to provide space for new immigrants.

This country has gone to the dogs. It's just a dog eats dog mentality. If you are eaten, too bad.

I just wonder whether the powers that be are just paying lip service to caring for the aged. Maybe just an election flash in the pan. After that it is back to square one.

Anonymous said...

As long as the Old Hags at the top are paid the world's highest salaries and bonuses, who cares about the old hags at the bottom?

Welcome to the PAP's Sickapore, Sinkapore, Singapoor, Sin-gap-whore!

Welcome to the City of Possibilities, which is neither a nation nor a country!

You die your own business while the elites are having a jolly good life, buying up all the Porsche, Lotus, Ferrari, and Lamborghini, and also taking five weeks leave to attend cooking courses at Cordon Bleu.

And NKF Durai has got away so easily, as well as Mas Selamat who is now enjoying his holidays with the compliments of the Malaysian authorities and WKS.

And Temasek's and GIC's losses of hundreds of billions of taxpayers' money have almost been forgotten.

The ones responsible for all these blunders are still enjoying their undeserved obscene pays every month, laughing all the way to their banks.

You see? Power in the hands of a smart dictator, despot or tyrant can really do wonders! No wonder there is never a shortage of such personalities in this world, especially in Asian societies.

redbean said...

hi anonymous, let's have a bigger heart and wish all those who have done well to enjoy a very good life. the only other wish for the losers is for those who are able to make life a bit easier for people in the longkangs.

bring down the cost of living a little, lower the prices of basic items like food, medical, housing, transportation and education. let the poor have a little more disposable income instead of locking them up for the future when they might not see.

Anonymous said...

Mati Diri says;

to die with billions of SINDollars unspent is a big waste of greed. The SIN of making billions of SINDollars white elephant through hoarding is a unpardonable SIN.

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is not up to "the country" to pay anyone anything.

Workers are free to go anywhere they can be "happy" in their job.

In the private sector you can only earn if you can make a value-added and marketable contribution, therefore it follows if you want to earn more make yourself WORTH more.

I never pay attention to a would-be "capitalist" who sheds his crocodile tears for some "problem". The fundamental role of market capitalism is to earn profits from SOLVING problems.

You want good staff? Simple: offer good money and good conditions. It is no secret: that method has been working for thousands of years :)

...and if you still can't make a buck from your business you might consider going the nearest place of worship and blame god for your "bad fortune"!

redbean said...

singaporeans will only be contented when they have money as much as buffett or gates. then they will start to give them away. before they reach this level, they will want more, and more and more.

Anonymous said...

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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

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