A reassurance from Chok Tong

Last night heard Chok Tong reassuring the people that the govt had their interest at heart, citizens first and foreigners second. And the most important part, more properties would be made available and the government would "ensure that property prices do not fall out of sync with economic fundamentals." So basically he is saying that there will be more flats at affordable prices. Unfortunately 'more and affordable' are two words that are getting out of sync with the people. What is more when each cohort of citizens is about 30,000 heads and HDB sold less than 5,000 units of flats last year? When 30,000 people got hitched, there is a demand for 15,000 units and even at 50% rate, the demand is for 7,500 units. Out of sync or in sync? What about the additional demand from another few hundred foreigners, PRs and new citizens? Obviously 'more' means different things to different people. No need to explain further about the definition of affordability. It is totally out of sync from the hardlander's definition. The CPF was primarily a retirement fund but now would be emptied for the first 30 years to pay for an affordable flat. I agree that there will be plenty of CPF left if everyone will to go for a 2rm or 3rm flat. But the reality is that this is not the expectation of a Swiss standard level of living. With a huge chunk of money being used to pay for a flat, and expectation to set aside another chunk in minimum sum and Medisave, and the people still expected to save for their retirement, where is the disposable income? A family income of $5k is also very tight with 2 school going children. Are we in sync or out of sync? But if you everyone is having a million or several million dollar income, then everything is smooth going. Everything is in sync. Please tell us what is more and what is the meaning of affordable.


Anonymous said...

As long as there is the " them and us " mentality between local Singaporeans and the newcomers, this problem will never be solved. Integration between these two groups will only happen when there is a perception of fairness. At this moment there is mistrust and Singaporeans are not convinced that their welfare and job security are not at risk. The govt can say whatever they like and SM can preach until his face turns blue, and the PAP mouthpiece ST can devote the whole paper to comfort the frighten locals, but, if they feel threatened and living is a struggle day in and day out, all these propaganda will be like water off a duck's back. How can you convince a family who finds the cost of lving increasing without income rises to match? When a child's stomach is empty a pacifier will not work for long. When your stomach is empty, it is hard to listen to reason or propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Me likes to call on Redbean and other bloggers to totally ignore whatever the Leaders of SIN are spouting and sprouting. If only the Citizens have ignored them the last thirty years or so, we would probably suffer less today.

Redbean Sir:

do the citizens a great favour; please avoid quoting the Leadership, let them fart whatever hot air from their mouths, just do not mention about them.

The Leaders have treated their people as invisibles, taking them only as digits to manipulate with. Let us repay and return them their just desserts and that is pay them no attention.


Anonymous said...

This man never made empty promises. He made promises that are unrealistic.

I guess he has forgotten his 'swiss standard of living' and 'more good years' promises.

Still want to believe him?

Anonymous said...

The Leaders in SIN have by now proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are most capable of empty rhetorical slogans.

They spouted and sprouted propaganda involuntarily with sincerity and conscience.


Anonymous said...

Hi All:

my apology.

The Last Sentence my above comment should read as 'They spouted and sprounted propaganda spontaneously, involuntarily with sincerity and WITHOUT conscience'.


Swiss Standard of Hot Airs said...

GCT can try to say what he likes but the devil is in the implementation of all policies.

Moreover, he is not in command any more. MM and PM, father and son, are.

He is only a by-stander who is lucky enough to be rewarded for his years of service to the Familee. If he talks too much, he may be asked to go into hibernation in double quick time, because his political clout has been slowly and systematically eroded over the last few years.

Why was he being sent here and there time and time again? Why was he given the dirty job of winning back Hougang and Potong Pasir during the last General Election? Why are his closed "kakis" being purged/ousted one after another?

Moreover, the people have still not forgotten his famous wife's infamous "Peanut" statement and her close association with the disgraced NKF organisation and its previous leadership. What has happened to Durai? Did the people get the justice they had asked?

What has happened to GCT's promise of a Swiss Standard of Living? He was PM for 14 years and now another 5 years have past since he stepped down. Where is our Swiss Standard of Living?

Anyone with an average IQ would know that with the suppression of wages and exponential influx of foreigners into our job market, we will be lucky if we can get an Indonesian Standard of Living.

So, his promises were just hot airs even when he was the PM. How then can we believe his assurance when he is now only an SM without any power?

I can understand that he has to say something once a while just to show that he still exists.

redbean said...

hi Swiss Standard of Hot Airs. a delay welcome. almost did not notice your nick.