Q and A in Parliament

The Parlaiment sat yesterday and questions were raised on public housing and answers were given. The PSLE has just concluded and the results will be out this Thursday. Comparing the two, the students got to spot questions and try to prepare answers that will match the questions if they were asked. Sometimes the questions were guessed correctly, sometimes not. And the prepared answers may be good but only the examiner will have the final say. It is quite tough for the students really. In Parliament, things are much easier. The questions are known in advance and the answers prepared accordingly by the best brains. The answers will be perfect. No need any examiner to mark. Even if there is any marking, the scores will be a perfect 100. Questioners completely satisfied and the people providing the answers perfectly happy for a job well done. Next question please.


Anonymous said...

No wonder school children go Institute of Mental Health and no Parliamentarian has ever been found to be medically or mentally unfit. Making big money in politics is easier than taking PSLE Examination in SIN.



Anonymous said...

Ask the right questions and you get the right answers. In parliament all questions must be the right questions. It is like a performance where people are cued to say the words they have prepared for. Just like a wayang show, all actors and actresses have parts to play and lines to deliver. In the end all Singaporeans will have to clap and cheer for a wayang show well done. What a perfect performance !!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Public exams which test students on some arbitrary standard set by a govt agency -- the MOE -- ensure one thing: that most students are equally stupid as indicated by their "grades".

The real world has nothing to do with PSLE results, or O and A levels. Most degrees are bullshit such as computer science, mass communications, arts, MBA's etc. and are a total waste of time (your life) and money (going into debt). It isn't to say that education isn't important: it is. However the vast majority of "degrees" aren't worth the money they cost (to the student or the taxpayer -- depending who is paying) -- and all that stuff can be learnt alone or in small ad hoc groups and privately accredited. Bullshit degrees are one of the biggest businesses around.

Why do you think the cost of "education" (so-called) is skyrocketing when things like computers and technology which we use to LIVE every moment are falling in cost and price? Something is clearly wrong within the capital structure of "education" (so-called)

Most people (including employers) still adhere to the belief that getting a degree -- any degree -- grants some sort of "special license" to succeed in life.

To be sure certain fields of study warrant degree level and post-grad, doctoral and post-doc courses: medicine, hard sciences, engineering, law... that sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

The Parliament (or Pa Lee Men) in the SIN City is a sham, not worth bothering with.

Even a supposedly honourable parliamentary record such as the Hansard is a twisted record that helps to perfect the imperfect.

Anonymous said...


Know the questions, prepare the answers.

The funny part is the questions always seems familiar and the answers seems like playing back the old recorded messages. Nothing really changes, year after year, decade after decade.

Everything is like clockwork. Ask a tick, back comes a tock.