PAP Online, a welcome change

Blogging is important after all. PAP is getting serious about the information, feedback and criticism it is getting from the new media. It is going to engage the new media head on by empowering party members to debate with netizens directly. Long gone will be the days of sporadic responses by a few members or insurgents. Sporadic responses in the past should be differentiated from the sporadic attacks by wild people like MacDonald Bloggers aka Pee on it aka Empty Empathy aka Kristine, or better known as directless rubber aka emplorer aka awaking. I never believe that PAP will send this kind of hot heads to attack other bloggers. For if it does and kena found out, it will be terribly embarrassing. Netizens should brace themselves up to see PAP members coming out in the open to defend PAP policies without hiding under anonymity. This is a great leap forward to more engagement and discussion in cyberspace. And the good side is that PAP will have the chance of greater space to explain itself clearly, and the reasons and justifications for its actions. Now the fight is online. Again, who says blogging is a waste of time? If that be so, PAP will be wasting its time. No the PAP will not be wasting its time on an unworthy pursuit. Cyberspace is the new future.


Anonymous said...

I thought blogging is a waste of time.

I note that Media-cock 5 gave about 5 minutes coverage to the PAP convention. No explanation or justification needed lah!

Matilah_Singapura said...

The PAP cadre have always defended their policies.. and they've never been afraid to do so. In fact, they needn't have any fear whatsoever because the have absolute power.

You don't like PAP policy? Tough shit. Suck it up, they'll still pass their policies. If the policy is "wrong" and there is a loss, guess who gets to foot the bill, suffer the inconvenience or kena charged in court?

The public sector is like that: they screw up, you pay... they still have their power position ad job.

In the private sector, you screw up you pay... you get fired or sued or ostracised... or cop the entire lot.

PAP blog or no blog makes no difference. I don't think I'll be posting on their blogs -- what would be the point? I would rather hantam them on your blog, Singabloodypore and my own blogs. I never claimed to be "fair and balanced" -- but I will claim to be biased toward my own view :-))

Matilah PAP said...

PAP now then online? Must be the joke of the century!

They started to computerise the whole government and then the whole of Singapore;

Then monopolise all the ISP licences, bought over a few prominent websites such as Hardware Zone,

And recently closed down their Online Forum "YPAP Forum" which was established a few years ago but has failed miserably to capture and retain active and credible participants. In the end only a handful of their own "kakis" stick around.

I wonder how are they going to be successful this time?

Who will be bothered to read their blogs or forum?

Aren't the ST Forum, Hardware Zone Forum and STOMP equivalent to PAP Forums?

Aren't the ST blogs equivalent to PAP blogs?

All singing the same old stale songs ad infinitum.

What else will be new, PAP?

redbean said...

it is a case if you can't beat them, join them.

Anonymous said...

PAP online will be singing their own song and that means the same old song. Only the 66.66% followers will join in the chorus.

redbean said...

i think that would be a reasonable expectation and conclusion. but it will be very telling on the logic and reasons given for what they are doing.

if the explanations are sound, give them a big applause. if nonsensical or silly, just have a good laugh.

Matilah_Singapura said...

redbean, I disagree. You can refuse to fight an absolutely powerful enemy because it is pure suicide to do so.

I don't believe in "revolutions" or any resistance against the state. The key for me is to find ways to AVOID the enormous power of the state who have most of the resources and the legal clout, as well as the authority to completely relieve you of your porperty and your freedom.

Harry Browne syas it the best:


Repeat: there is NO WAY one can effectively fight the state, and there is no way to win -- even if one resorts to violence -- which is a totally bad idea.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Quote from pages 12-13 of Harry Browne's "How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World"

Hoping to be free, many people engage in continual social combat—
joining movements, urging political action, writing letters to editors and
Congressmen, trying to educate people. They hope that someday it will
all prove to have been worthwhile.
But as the years go by they see little overall change. Small victories
are won; defeats set them back. The world seems to continue on its path
to wherever it's going. Until they die, the hopeful remain just as
enslaved as they've always been.
The plans, the movements, the crusades—none of these things has
worked. And so the unfree man continues to dream, to condemn, and to
remain where he is.

Engaging the PAP on their blogs is a TOTAL waste of time. They don't have to listen to you or anyone. They have the power.

Better to spend your time and effort chasing a real "profit" -- by blogging for your own "happiness" or going out and increasing your wealth, which means increasing your long-term power of choice, and most definitely your feeling of fulfilment, happiness, your own security and stronger relationships with the people you care about.

Don't fight the govt. It will decrease your wealth. Unless you have some sort of martyr-complex, the idea is to become MORE wealthy, not less.

Anonymous said...

Only when PAP buy over Gutteruncensored site or produce something equivalent , can they can start talking about been online.

redbean said...

matilah, this is mysingaporenews, not to contest or challenge the govt. it is for netizens to talk about social and political issues.

you are right to say that only fools will think that they can challenge the govt through the internet. i have people telling me to take on the govt or post more aggressive stuff. i just laugh it off.

we are here just to chat and kpkb. that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Right now I think netizens are not only not fighting, they are avoiding websites which they know are put up or controlled by the ruling party or it's proxies.

So, in reality it is now extremely difficult for one side to talk to the other, because after years of being talked down to and brushed aside arrogantly, who wants to talk to the powers that be.

Just as in Myanmar, the Government cares little about the people's plight and the Burmese people are totally devoid of caring what the Government is doing.

We will come to that stage.