A new enlightenment has dawned on Singapore

Linguistic skill is not directly linked to intelligence. Singaporeans are finally enlightened to this fact. A Mrs Goh Su San wrote to the ST forum to salute LKY for telling it to the people. This Mrs Goh narrated the anguish and pain she and her family had to go through when their two sons fared badly in the Chinese Language in schools and they had to uproot from Singapore to settle in a foreign land. And loo and behold, their two sons blossomed and are now professionals in their chosen fields. The victims of language policies are not confined to just the second language, in particular Chinese Language. In the days of Senior Cambridge Examination, a student could have a string of As. But if he failed the English Language, he was a goner. No place in A level. And for those who did not pass GP in A Level, no place in the university. Failing the English Language was as good as failing the whole examination. How many brilliant students were lost through this language policy? It is history now. On the other hand, a student with a credit in English and all the donkeys and elephants could be admitted to the university. And many ended up as highly acclaimed intellectuals because to their university degrees and the command of the English Language, while the failures in the English Language could at best try their luck in business or else ended up in some clerical jobs or as mechanics. But it is better late than never that we are enlightened to this great truth today. With this great discovery, we could be entering an age of renaissance. Thank god, we are wiser now.


Matilah_Singapura said...

> we could be entering an age of renaissance. <

You have to be joking mate.

Critical thinking is an individual skill. There is no 'we', it always is 'I'.

These 'mistakes' diretly result from collectivist thinking or group think -- 'Follow the "leader" and don't you dare question him -- he knows what is goos for everybody'.

redbean said...

i have always been joking. and i have told people not to take my posts too seriously.

the art of reading between the lines has been lost to singaporeans.

many singaporeans like this mrs goh know the truth but could not believe the truth unless someone in authority told them so. that is how pathetic singaporeans have become. lack of confidence in their own ability to know what is right or wrong. must be told to believe.

Anonymous said...

Me wishes that all the Races in the World will be fidel to their Language of Origin(Natural Language).

And learn more of other languages if they can.


Anonymous said...

Me wishes that all Races will be fidel to their Language of Origin(Natural Language).

And learn more of other languages if they have the ability. The more the better.


Anonymous said...

Thank God? Which God?

redbean said...

hahaha, you are the first to spot the pun. just teasing only lah.