Mysingaporenews joining Asian Correspondent

Announcement - We are going international Hi everyone, I have accepted an invitation from the Asian Correspondent to be one of their correspondents. There will be some minor changes to the format of presentation when the switch takes place either this week or next. The important thing is that the URL to mysingaporenews will not be changed and you can still log on to the blog as before. Also very important is that the style and content and the way I write will still be the same. I have full independence in posting in the same way as before. Not subject to any editorial policy or approval. The main advantage of this cooperation is that we will be riding on a bigger platform and gaining more readership and exposure. Please continue to enjoy and post as before. Cheers.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Congratulations redbean!

Great stuff. That means I could get 'famous' too :)

redbean said...

hi mate, we see the world together, we talk to the world together : )

everyone of us here shall now stand up and talk to the world, or at least asia.

Speedwing said...

Congratulations is in order here. I have enjoyed this blog and I sincerely hope that you can maintain the same format and more importantly your independence.

Again, my heartfelt congratulations.

Singapore News Alternative said...

Congrats redbean. Definitely a milestone for your blog.

Green Peas said...

Dear Mr Redbean,

Well done! You have finally arrived, Redbean!

This blog is one of the earliest that I have been actively reading, together with your Redbean Forum, even before the existence of The Online Citizen and Wayang Party (now changed to Temasek Review).

I must say that the quality of your articles and the quality of discourse have improved tremendously over the years.

Congratulations and Best Wishes.

Green Peas.

PS: In the Cyberspace, whether you joined force with another site or not, the whole world can read your blog. It all depends on how you connect your site to the world networks. There are various ways of extending your outreach and readership.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to You Red bean Sir from patriot.

May You maintain your bearings and attain greater height.

Me sincerely believes that You have done much good.

Keep it up Sir.


redbean said...

thank you guys. we shall make our voices heard together. now we have a bigger audience.

and yes green peas, all the blogs are international. it is how exposed the blogs are. and with Asian Correspondent, it will give us an added lift. we will have more visitors and visibiity.

cheers everyone.

redbean said...

oh guys, a little inconvenience as asian correspondent would need bloggers to do a simple one time registration before commenting.

my apologies.