The most coveted position in corporate Singapore

No, not the Presidency! No, not the SM or MM. The most coveted and prized possession in the market is Directorship to the Board of Directors of public companies. Many are known to grab as many as they could or available. The number is never enough. Some may have work and other commitments up to their noses, have no time for family and mistresses, but will still find time to accept the appointments of directorship. The benefits of being a director are obvious, money, status and rubbing shoulders with corporate Singapore. Is there any downside to such a lucrative appointment? So far don’t seem to have any, though legally there are responsibilities, heavy responsibilities. For any neglect or negligent in exercising the power of directorship against frauds and wrongdoings would mean the company losing money, and shareholders too. But have no fear. When things are not looking good, quickly submit a resignation letter and go for a holiday. Then start to scout for more new directorships. And if one is highly talented, there is no shortage of offers. The more talented one is the better the offers. And yes, please do not apply. Appointments are by invitations only.


Speedwing said...

Hi Redbean, do I detect a tinge of sour grapes here? Only joking, I do not think you are the jealous type, well, maybe just a little.

redbean said...

hi speed, with such lucrative appoints, i won't mind getting a couple. unfortunately not in the who's who list.

Speedwing said...

Maybe if you sing some praises in the right ears, you might just get a few invitations??? Isn't that the way things work here???

redbean said...

that's a very positive suggestion from you speed. maybe i should try huh?

Anonymous said...

Who are these people? Ex MPs, 'Community leaders with PBM' ......Outsiders, though qualified, stand NO chance at all. Uniquely Singapore!!!???

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is all too convenient to throw in the world's most overused emotional weasel-word: Nazi.

However there are too many parallels to ignore. Totalitarianism -- which occurs in all political ideology -- has many common traits.


Kurt Schmitt, Philipp Kessler and Hjalmar Schacht were men "in charge" of regulating and controlling the Nazi businesses.

Hjalmar Schacht actually became an economic advisor to developing countries after the war.