Major Nidal Malik Hasan

The Fort Hood Massacre is the most successfully managed tragedy of modern day America. 13 of its young men were killed by friendly fire, and more than 30 wounded, not in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan, but on home soil in Fort Hood. Unimaginable, that war started at home, just like George Bush ducking for cover during the 911 attack. It was not friendly fire to start with. Home ground was never a batttle field. Then what or how should this shooting be called, practise round or the act of a mad man? When the news broke, it seemed that hell will break loose and vengeful attacks could start like wild fires across America. But none of that happens. The great American people took it in their stride, that it was a freak incident by a misguided or deranged individual. And the media, plus the govt officials all sang the same song. A big reprisal has been avoided. There is a serene calm in the American community. The funeral was well attended and tears shed. Military honours were awarded to the brave soldiers who died before setting foot on enemy territory. America seems to have won this first round, to contain the damages and avoid more collateral damages. Is this the end of one chapter of America's history? Or would there be more to come? It is so fortunate that the KKK have been wiped out and the Nazi groups were all under controlled. The white extremist groups and white superiority movements have been silent, too quiet for comfort. Could anyone sense that something is brewing? Could this episode be history and life goes on as usual? My fear is that any wrong move of this kind is going to ignite a wild fire. Pray that such acts should not happen at all as one act could lead to another. Citizens of the world should seek peaceful coxistence and not resort to violence. For violence begets violence. God bless America.


Anonymous said...

"The great American people took it in their stride, that it was a freak incident by a misguided or deranged individual. And the media, plus the govt officials all sang the same song."

Not initially(for about 3days), they (cable news)were speculating wildly, eventually toe the line of Govt views i.e. not to jump to conclusion and speculate.

mdeals said...

Don't think about violence..

Anonymous said...

MASH message for Islamic terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan:

Mr. Hasan,

May you be swiftly executed, may you rot in Hell for eternity, and may your family be ashamed of you for as long as they shall live.

With utmost contempt,

Muslims Against Sharia


Anonymous said...

Directless Rubber. Don't you think you are confirming that you are a big fool to come here again and again after condemning everyone here to be fools?

redbean said...

hi mdeals, although i was told that you are....you know who. never mind, welcome. this is a place to make friends and enjoy the chat. and i know you enjoy the company's here and our posting.

redbean said...

hi Muslims Against Sharia, welcome to the blog. Is Nidal a terrorist? the americans don't think so. He is a pious man. And he has been in service for many years, promoted to the rank of major. and the americans have so much trust in him that they want to send him overseas to be in the battle field.

the americans have no fear of him, that he could kill his own men. he is just someone who snap after having his breakfast.

just hope there is no more american soldiers snapping and shooting at their own soldiers.

Green Peas said...

I think, as a military psychiatrist, Major Nidal Malik Hasan must have heard a lot of stories directly and frankly from those American soldiers who came back from the war fronts in returned from the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan over the years.

Some psychiatrists who treat psychiatric cases for too long, and because of their close contact with mentally ill patients, may themselves become psycho in the end. The society will not know when psychiatrists will reach their breaking point.

I see this as an isolated case. Most probably Major Hasan has cracked, especially so when he heard that he was to be sent to the front line. I may also be wrong. Until we have a detailed and thorough investigation into the case, nobody is the wiser.

Go watch the film "Locker Hurt" or "Hurt Locker". Read the synopsis at this link:


Anonymous said...

Will there be Whites who will snap because the Chief in Command is of a different colour?


Anonymous said...

Just to add that some Americans may find their Commander in Chief is of OPPOSITE COLOUR.


redbean said...

ya, white man runs amok and shot the president.

playing the extremist game is asking for more blood shed. there are extremists in every group or race. so those extremists who go around killing the innocents, they are bringing misfortunes and destruction to their own innocents if other extremists retaliate.

never think that they are the only extremists who know how to kill and destroy.

no violence please. only the innocents from all sides will suffer for the acts of a few extremists.

Anonymous said...

"Is Nidal a terrorist? the americans don't think so"

Which Americans? The degenerates who choose to ignore the facts? They do not represent all Americans.

"he is just someone who snap after having his breakfast."

Did you come up with that on your own or did some other moron tell you that?

redbean said...

hi Muslims Against Sharias, trust the Americans. the FBI also had information of Nidal meeting up with terrorists but concluded that he is not in the terrorist movement.

when he shouted 'allahu akbar' before he started shooting with two guns, the americans still believe in his innocence.

let's believe the americans. no need to get agitated. everyone is free to believe what he wants to believe.

the american PR exercise is only for public consumption. they are sweating and every FBI agent is working non stop now. the FBI chief is going to be goreng.

trust the americans. today they still believe that the sneak attack on Hawaii was a case of miscommunication and the Japanese warriors lived by the samurai code of honour.

Anonymous said...

"the FBI also had information of Nidal meeting up with terrorists"

What a crock of shit! What kind of a retard makes shit up and then accuses Americans of lying? What the hell have you been smoking? Isn't that illegal in Singapore?

redbean said...

go read the papers Muslims Against Sharia. there is no need for drugs or ganja to get high. it is all in the mind.

if you go on like that, you will become like another directless rubber.

insanity is just a very thin line away.

Anonymous said...

Papers? What papers? The yellow rags that you read or the brown rags that you wipe your ass with?

"insanity is just a very thin line away."

I think you are well beyond that line, hence all the projections.

redbean said...

i wonder what form directless rubber has transformed himself into. i need to ask my friend. i promise him i will not reveal which one is directless rubber.

of course i know which one is directless rubber.

redbean said...

your strong hatred in this issue is difficult to conceal. it will only drive you nearer to the edge.

Anonymous said...

redbean, you retarded fuck. I can only hope that the next terrorist attack involves your family. Then I'd be really curious what feelings you have.

Anonymous said...

Muslims Against Sharia, you are a fucking agitator. Why don't you go and fuck off if you have nothing better to do? You think Redbean will bother with asses like you?

Anonymous said...

"You think Redbean will bother with asses like you?"

Apparently. Especially when a dumb cocksucker feels the need to post as anonymous. Here's the previous (deleted) post but this shithead: "redbean has left a new comment on the post "Major Nidal Malik Hasan":

Muslims against Sharia, you are a fucking agitator. Go and fuck off and don't mess up other people's blog."

Anonymous said...

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