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How about celebrating Singapore?

Singapore has grown in size and stature after one week of APEC. The leaders of the world seemed to have descended on paradise. And we have never seen so many fine and powerful people gathering here for one whole week to enjoy our hospitality and the best Singapore could offer, from food, entertainment, infrastructure, arts and culture. The number of people involved in the event, including the organisers, must be tremendous. And our leaders worked extra hard. Many must have sore hands after shaking hands with do many dignitaries. And the successful conclusion of the APEC Meeting with world leaders reaching some agreements in climate control, how to tackle the recovering economies, fighting terrorism, are the results of what this little place could produce. More important, the US or Obama, has taken a big switch in their position against Myanmar, much to the credit of ASEAN and the host of the Meeting. Obama met and spoke to Asean members, including Myanmar. The days of aloofness and arrogance, of keeping Myanmar away, incommunicado is over. The US is prepared to use diplomacy instead of threats, sanctions and wars to solve international relations. Singapore could take credit for it. A new Obama Doctrine could have emerged from his visit here. And Obama is inviting Hsien Loong to attend the Nuclear Summit in Washington next year. We are in the nuclear power league! We are now big and moving in the right company. We have arrived. Netizens should stop talking about petty things like cost of living, low pay, ERPs, handouts and charities. Let's all act big and behave big. Work harder and buy up all the new and quality homes that are going to come into the market. Singapore is a big country where people are all big and successful. We are an affluent society and must lead a lifestyle appropriate of the first world countries. The whole of last week is a good peek into what life can be in paradise. Everything so beautiful and dignified.


Anonymous said...

Obama trip to Singapore didn't make the news(snub to red dot or simple jealousy)

Anonymous said...

The APEC meeting touched on many important issues such as terrorism, world economy and trade. I wonder whether they even discussed hunan rights, freedom of speech and expression. Or were these topics to sensitive for discussion in Singapore??

Matilah_Singapura said...

It is during events like this when my anal sphincter starts to tighten up and the 'flight or fight' response kicks in.

A big show of global (so-called) "leaders" is nothing but a manifestation of the absolute power of governments and their ability to influence lives now on a global scale.

People who work for govt produce absolutely no worthwhile services or goods. They simply take tax money -- by force -- and spend it anyway they choose.

APEC was an Australian initiative started by the "dynamic duo" of global socialists: Bob Hawke and Paul Keating. Now these two fuckers are multi millionaires and setup for the rest of their lives. So much for "common man" labour politics.

The more people support big government (as they do in Australia and now throughout the region), the less liberty and freedom for the common peaceful "powerless" individual.


Anonymous said...

How much taxpayers money have been spent on such lavish occasion ... where many posh and expensive dinners and whatnots must have taken place ... and what about the high class hotels, the security personnel ... each security guard i heard was paid 3 to 4 times the normal day work, what about other staffs and stuffs.

Anonymous said...

Hi anon 4.42, Singapore is rich and can afford these lavish parties for the great leaders of the world. The fact that Obama and the president of China are here is great advertisement for Singapore. Money well spent. The ordinary folks of Singapore should be proud to be hosts to such a colourful group of people. PAP has done it again, make Singapore shine.

Anonymous said...

It's extremely disappointing that Obama cares for the freedom of one woman in Nyanmar. He talked about Human Rights in Shanghai.

BUT, he said nothing about Singaporeans not having Freedom of Expressions and other Human Rights.


Anonymous said...

Wonder how much it cost to stage this event. What has ordinary Singaporean benefited ? Probably this event may attract more rich foreigners to come here and further push up the assets prices. So in a nutsheel-- Public success and private failure.

Anonymous said...

KangarooBama is asking money from Singapore through corrupted Lee family member ? Last time, isn't Lee give there billions dollar into cuckoo USA economy ?

Did KangarooBama know that Lee family is giving money out of Singaporean's hard-earned taxmoney ? If So, why he didn't even raise human right issue in Singapore ? Or did our billions dollar token already bribe the kangarooBama to 'Shut Up and Sit Down' ?