From proactive to reactive

This seems to be the picture of HDB’s housing policy today. In the past we pride ourselves in being proactive, plan ahead, anticipate problems before they happen. Now it is reacting and reacting, and look and see and then react again. And HDB is proud to say that it reacted swiftly to the changes in demand for public housing and raised its supply from 6,000 flats to 13,500 flats this year. This is a whooping 125% off the mark. And, ‘If the take up of BTO flats remains strong, we will continue to push out more flats under the BTO next year – at least one (project) every month if necessary,’ said Mah. It also said this, “‘What actually happens a few years down the road is unknown. Also, demand is not constant – it varies from year to year, depending on economic and other factors, ‘he told Parliament.” True, true, anything that is more than two days is unknown. Even the next hour is unknown. No need to forecast, no need to plan ahead, no data of population growth to work with, don’t know how many foreigners coming in etc etc. It is so difficult to plan ahead. Let’s take the realistic and practical approach. When there is a demand, then build. Ya Koon can make half boiled eggs in 5 minutes or even 4 minutes on demand.


Anonymous said...

If you want to be paid in millions you must be capable of planning and foresight. Knee-jerk reactions is only worth a few thousand dollars. Anyone can do that. For millions $ salary you must be able to see at least 3 moves ahead, like in a chess game, otherwise you are overpaid.

Janice said...

Remember the news?

'The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has reported a S$2b deficit before government grants in its latest annual report.

HDB said the huge deficit was due mainly to more flats being sold. These flats are highly subsidised by the government.'

This is reported in the early November.

But HDB never released the actual cost of building the flats. So now they wanted to build more flats?? They they will turn around and blame the people once again for causing the deficits. Hmm.. I see a cycle..

Anonymous said...

Don't build, limit the supply, demand goes up, prices go up, stamp duty up, annual value up, property tax up....this is worth millions of dollars.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Public housing will ultimately fail due to the natural phenomenon known as The Tragedy Of The Commons

I suspect the govt knows this, but the smart money-and-power hungry politicos have seized the opportunity (they are excellent at this-- perhaps even have "natural talent") and leveraged the situation to create an on-going political advantage for them, which ultimately translates into a tool used to manipulate large amounts of people (80% plus of the population) which further secures more power, influence and money to the political class.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps HDB has always known of the supply crunch, but allows such 'problem' to roil on so that prices will escalate upward, and that when enough price engineering are done, they would release fresh supplies to the market which would then be peg at higher and inflated price levels. Selling the same stuff for more $$$.
Thats my conspiracy theory.

Anonymous said...

Those people living in Bukit Timah flooded Area may be wondering why the longau didn't get upgraded. Maybe they need to bid for BTO for the drainage upgrade before the heaven response, don't blame our Government anyhow OK.

Anonymous said...

Since MBT took over MND, HDB dwellers and lease-holders (not home owners, don't let this term betray your intellectual capability) have more and more complaints and grievances. Why?

Is it because there are real reasons to complain and feel aggrieved or is it because of one man's ruthlessness?

Anonymous said...

“‘What actually happens a few years down the road is unknown. Also, demand is not constant – it varies from year to year, depending on economic and other factors, ‘he told Parliament.”

Every year, there are about 22-24000 marriages and he is telling us demand is not constant! In other country, this would be a sign of incompetence and he would be sacked. Only in Sillypore can one get paid millions and yet not be held accountable.