Chinese netizens attacked LKY

Chinese netizens were fuming mad and were up in arms over LKY’s speech in the US when he was presented with a Life Time Achievement Award by the American business community. In his key note address to the audience of American elites, LKY stated his stand that the presence of the US in Asia is welcomed as a balance against the growing might of China. He commented that even the combined force of India and Japan would not be able to stand in the way of a much stronger China, militarily and economically. The Chinese netizens were angry that LKY was in a way inviting the Americans into the region to be a balance against Chinese influence. And more than a week has passed, and all is quiet on the eastern front. I was hoping to hear or see some robust response from Singaporeans to defend the Mentor Minister. But I should have known better, the apathetic and kiasi Singaporeans will not do or say anything. What about the politicised Singaporeans or the politicians? Would they defend LKY against the attack by the Chinese netizens? Or should they? The only response came from Hsien Loong and for the rest, silence is golden. Maybe we will see a more robust reply in our Parliament when the MPs met. Or at least they could ask some questions if they did not bang tables and chairs. Or maybe the issue isn’t worthy to waste parliament’s time. Better to spend time talking about fore play and ethics. Now, what am I talking. Sorry, I meant fair play and and ethics. The reticence of Singaporeans when confronted by a hostile mob could be the consequence of our culture of depoliticisation. We were bred to keep our mouths sealed, see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing or do nothing. Unless, like Jack Neo said, if the govt said do then we do lah. In this case no signal coming from the govt, so no need to do anything. Letting LKY stand out alone to face the music does not look good. But on the other hand he does not need anyone to fight his battle. He is good enough to take on anyone. Then again, what is so wrong with his speech in the US? He was there, and said the things which his hosts wanted to hear. And with the hosts showering him with so many kind words, he was just being polite to return the kindness. What is said for public consumption is not necessary the same as realpolitiks that were usually thrashed out in the kitchen. The baba has taken a long journey to become a China man. What could be in his mind?


Anonymous said...

Hey! Why hang the conmen, fraudsters and swindlers when they got their operations legalized(approvals by the authorities/legal contracts as You mentioned) before carrying out their businesses.

The people that needs to be accountable and some deserve to be hanged are those that approved the operations. BUT, IS THERE ANYONE TO REIN IN THESE PEOPLE IN POWER AND AUTHORITY AND BE ABLE TO MAKE THEM ANSWERABLE? And what if they(the authorities) are in cahoot with the businesses?


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh!

my sincere apology.
This comment is meant for the previous Article.


Matilah_Singapura said...

If you really want to talk "real politik", then if what he said was reported truly — and not distorted or quoted out of context — has a lot of truth to it.

I don't believe in the idea of, or the ideas behind "nations" or "states", but unfortunately for other "anarcho-capitalists" like me nation-states exist and all of them have standing armies, a few have blue water navies, airforces and missiles.

All nation states are founded by arbitrary laws made by marks of ink on paper, and very soon the people living in the defined territories are regulated and taxed. Without taxes (legalised theft or legalised extortion) there can be no HUGE MILITARY. Without taxes and arbitrary laws there can be no large nation states, and thus no danger of all out military conflict.

The large nation states of the world do not get along with each other? If you are surprised by this, you need to wake the fuck up. It is just a fact: large nation states can be allies occasionally but the 'default" is they don't trust each other so there's always an undercurrent of hawkishness and their military machines constantly poised for war — but they call it "defense" (bullshit)

China is a large powerful nation state. Other (smaller) Asian nation states are clearly worried about China's militaristic growth — who can blame them? Therefore, at the moment the US of A is still the "policeman" of the world.

LKY is a big boy. He understands that just because people get pissed off at what you say doesn't mean you have to give a damn about them by feeling "guilty", nor make what you said "wrong". So the Chinese netizens got mad.

So fucking what?

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean,

China has now 1.5 million people. Just like any other country, some of them will get mad, some will understand Singapore's position and say nothing, and majority wouldn't care what the hell is happening in their own national politics, least about world politics.

The PRC Netizens who are making so much noise are just a small fraction of the total PRC Netizens. These could be PRC govt people in disguise, just like PAP Cyberspace Insurgents.

Singapore's Netizens are wise enough not to respond to PRC Netizens' tantrums. No point. Just let them cool down by themselves. Otherwise, if we respond to them, we might be only fanning the fire bigger.

On another note. LKY is no more widely and highly loved by Singaporeans. Only the PAP people and the elites and rich people may 'love' him, probably hypocritically. Yet these people who benefited from his dictatorial ways are not doing anything. So, why should the rest come to his defence?

In fact, many are waiting for him to die, simply because he still refuses to hand over total power even with his own son in-charge.

And perhaps some of those who have suffered under his iron-fist, knuckle duster in a cul de sac, unjustly victimised by the Internal Security Act, Land Acquisition Act, and the secret police, and now the Public Order Act, are actually praying for him to die faster.

He MIGHT have done seemingly a lot of things for Singapore in the past but for the last 20 years, things had changed. Majority of Singaporeans are suffering under the PAP rule now, especially jobs, income, housing, education, medical, health and transportation. Yet the elitist rulers are turning a deaf ear and closing one eye to helping them, giving all kinds of crap excuses, pretending nothing happens and all is well. George Orwell's "Animal Farm" comes to mind.

Moreover, in the last 10 years or more, he has been clamming credit all for himself alone, never give a damn about those other Old Guards who had actually contributed more than him collectively to develop Singapore to where it is today.

Observing from his actions and his speeches during the last decade, the thought that he is a very egoistic, selfish, and ruthless dictator cannot also be far wrong.

So, who the hell need to care whether he has been attacked by PRC, Indian, Indonesian, or Malaysian Netizens due to his own big mouth and smart alec behaviour?

Green Peas.

redbean said...

hi green peas, i was hoping that some of his admirers would stand up to defend him. maybe his admirers are from a different generation. or are his admirers only for fair weather?

Matilah_Singapura said...

I can admire someone who I do not personally "like".

There is no doubt LKY is one of the finest statesmen in recent history: he knows how to "lead" the masses and other types of humans who can't think for themselves or are just too damn lazy to fix their own problems, or simply need someone to "save them".

For this, LKY is a master. People follow him as they do a religious icon. He has the power over his acolytes like a messiah has over his disciples. And he has also built a "church" in the form of the PAP where there are "high priests" and "bishops" leading the "true believers" in the congregation --- all willingly giving up their lives and money to their "god".

Man, if I could start my own "religion" and be the supreme leader, where my followers would lick my balls and those who hate me wished me dead... do you think I would be here writing on redbean's blog?

Of course not. I'd be out saving souls and taking their money!

Matilah_Singapura said...


BTW greenpeas, China has a lot more than "1.5 million people"


Anonymous said...

I do not expect 1.5 billion PRC Citizens to agree with MM Lee.

Most intellectuals in PRC are unlikely to be bothered with the MM of SIN.


Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean,

It seems he has at least one admirer called Matilah Singapura who has come out to defend him, Albeit in the wrong forum and a bit too little too late.

Hi, Matilah_Singapura

I have been LKY's admirer for quite a long time too. But I won't want to lick his balls nor his arsk.

And thanks for picking up my typo error. Yes, population of China should be 1.5 billion instead of 1.5 million; my apologies.

Green Peas

redbean said...

our state to state relations with China is getting better. and two little pandas coming our way. so my reading that what was spoken in the kitchen is more important than what was said for public consumption.

the Chinese netizens did not know what they were saying. and our netizens are smarter, for there is no need for a reply to the ignoramus.

Green Peas said...

Why on loan for only 10 years, starting from 2011? Why not just give them to us? Why 2011? Why not this year or next year, or as soon as possible?

What happens if one or both pandas die within the ten years?

On loan means Singapore has to pay "rental", yes? How much is the "rental"? It has not been revealed to the public.

Btw, the Suchow Industrial Project 'investment' has cost Singapore taxpayers at least $15 billion, if I am not mistaken. So the two pandas could be a gesture for the $15 billion "investment" in Suchow?

I understand presently there are two new Singapore projects going on in China. One is a Commercial cum Housing Development Project in Xiangyang and the other is the Green Eco-City Project at Tianjin’s Binhai New Area. These two projects would cost Singapore taxpayers much more than the Suchow Project. So perhaps, the two pandas are meant for our "investments" in these two projects?

Today, we term it as "investments". In the olden days, they refered to it as tributes", that a vassal state had to pay China every two years.

Today's Hu Jintao is just like Admiral Cheng Ho (or Zheng He)of yesteryears.

Anonymous said...

Singapore and China are great friends, as such, let's not talk about money.

Maybe divide the amount Singapore invest in China with their 1.5 billion population, the dividend is peanuts to them.

On the other hand, if 0.00001 percent of PRCs come to buy our properties, my HDB Flat may fetch me 2 million SINDollars. This, to me is a very big deal.


redbean said...

actually china is scattering money in africa. a reverse kind of tributes to its vassal states.

but in our case, if we want to give, then we will become the big vassal.