Another 'bee tang' story

Yes, yes, 4rm flat is going to cost $1m. It is possible. The ST reported today that a 4rm flat at Queenstown has been sold to a rich Indonesian PR for $653k! This is a record! This is a record! And another few hundred thousand is all that needs to hit the $1m mark. Singaporeans should hang on to their dream flats, don't anyhow sell. And agents will tell potential buyers that $653k has been done. And with no one selling, the desperate buyers will have little choice. The new flats will come in a few years time, and provided the supply is enough. Then again, with land cost and building cost going up, don't bet on it that it will be cheaper. Some in the property circus have commented that this is a one time anomaly, it still shows that the rich and impatient PRs will just pay. And those who got a windfall from en bloc sale, pocketing a cool $1m or $2m, coughing out a bit more to pay for a choice HDB flat should not be a problem. Let's rub our hands and wait. Tan ku ku. My Lijiang dream is brighter now. On the other side of the fence, two forumers wrote in the My Paper, one Ng Teck Wee warned against speculating with housing and essentials. Another, Pan Yunyi wanted a cap on HDB resale prices. Both are just impossible suggestions in a free market economy. The govt cannot meddle with market forces. The supply and demand will determine the price. And those caught on the wrong end of the equation just got to buck up or live within their means, ie downgrade. That's being realistic. For those who have hoarded up on properties, wow, boom town charlie!


Anonymous said...

The guy who sold that flat must have very good merits, in a meritocracy or merit-to-crazy system!

Anonymous said...

HDB dwellers if you have PR looking to buy your flat do not be hesitant to ask for maximum. Suck them dry. Very soon Singapore can boast of million dollars pigeon holes which garment can be proud of.

Anonymous said...

I am a co-owner of a HDB Unit.
Pray tomorrow it could fetch 2 million SINDollars and i can say bye bye!


redbean said...

when that day comes, we shall all pray to the govt and say thank you.

Anonymous said...

I will start asking agent to put my 5 room flat for sale. I will specify-- open to only PR from Indonesia and China . Asking prc...$1 million no less.

Arthur Lee Confused said...

I got a little bit of "bee tang" next Friday because my MP invited me (including all residents in my area) for a free sumptuous dinner, plus free gift, plus many luck draws.

You know what?

My block's lifts are already 30 plus years old. They break down almost every other day, causing lots of inconvenience to all the old folks. And two years ago, they put up a notice stating that the old lifts would be replaced within two weeks. But suddenly they tore down the notice and kept quiet about the whole matter until last week.

Last week, my MP through the RC people who went round to each and every HDB unit in my area, handed us an invitation letter to a free dinner, free gifts and lucky draws. He kills two birds with one stone by using the occasion which is meant for us to vote for the lift upgrading.

I wonder who will pay for the dinner, free gifts and lucky draw prizes?

1. From my MP's own salary of $millions a year?

2. From Town Council's funds (which come from residents' monthly contribution to the conservancy fees)?

3. From the People's Action Party's funds? (which is very unlikely)

4. From the People's Association's funds, which is taxpayers' money?

5. From HDB's "subsidies"?

redbean said...

hi Arthur Lee Confused, welcome to the blog. You are one such lucky citizen. your flat value shooting sky high and you are being invited by your MP for free dinner.

where else can citizens be so privileged. we shall be grateful for all the good stuff the govt is handing out to us.

and maybe got year end angpow some more. cheers.

Anonymous said...

Candies are here, GE is definitely round the corner. More angpow, gifts, free dinners and visits by MPs. Hurrah!!!! Hope I get to vote this time.

Arthur Lee Conned said...

Give a man a fish and he can only live for one day. Teach him how to fish and he can live on his own without needing charity from cunning politicians; plus he can also feed his family.

What is the use of giving a man a fish, when his fishing ground is being overwhelmed by foreign fishermen invited with open arms by the cunning politicians and he has to either to upgrade (his skills), downgrade (his house) or out-grade (emigrate)?

redbean said...

hi Arthur Lee Conned, welcome to the blog. are you the twin of Arther Lee Confused?

anyway, confused and conned, singaporeans are lost.

Arthur Lee Flabbergasted said...

When a loyal and humble citizen has been forced by circumstances deliberately created by the cunning politicians to upgrade, downgrade, or outgrade, what will be the consequences?

He/she will become an ingrate. So, cunning politicians should not expect these previously loyal and humble citizens to be grateful, to show respect and to sing praises to/for them. Gratefulness and respect are to be earned over long period of time but not demanded through force of authority or legal power. Praises should be given from the willing happy heart but not coerced nor bribed.

The reality should therefore be the other way round:

1. The cunning politicians should be grateful to the citizens who still continue to vote them into office.

2. The cunning politicians should start glorifying and inspiring the citizens instead of glorifying and enriching themselves and their cronies.

3. The cunning politicians should try their very best not to be too cunning (we cannot expect them to be totally not cunning because they have tasted the sweet blood that they have sucked already)and start to give the citizens a much delayed break by doing something decent instead of just pretending to serve the people by showing an occasional hypocritical gesture to buy voters' heart and mind.

4. The cunning politicians should stop being so shamelessly arrogant, conceited, insolent and ruthless, and start to show some much lacking genuine compassion and love for their citizens, for the people and for mankind as a whole. A good start would be to restore some human rights that have been taken away or repressed through cunningly engineered laws and regulations.

5. The cunning politicians must be reminded, lest they deliberately forget, that no matter how well they are trying to curve out a super duper legacy for themselves, their families and their political party, ultimately they are going to die either of old age or cursed to death. History can always be rewritten by future generations, who cannot be that imbecile not to detect the wile, veil, vile and venom that have gone into deliberately hijacking the whole total truth from them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mutating Arthur Lee,

Politicans are the same everywhere in the world.

Your diatribes reveals a very disenfranchised fella with a very heavy chip on the shoulder!!

Nothing's perfect, man.....!

Anonymous said...

S'poreans are not lost...they are just busy trying to improve their station in life, even if that means making more money...and there's nothing wrong with that, despite what you may think! And frankly, it's not as bad as what you always paint it out to be....!

Have you ever been to China or India or Vietnam to work? If not, check with friends who have or who are there. Then perhaps you may have a feel of what it's really like in the real world.

Anonymous said...

Dear Redbean,

Arthur Lee is a talk-cock king. He claims to own 20 acres of freehold land in USA bought for S$20k some 30 yeas ago and he's still living here in a 30 yr old HDB flat.


redbean said...

hi all, this is a blog where everyone is free to express his views. and there is always the right of reply. i try to avoid censoring any piece unless absolutely necessary.

enjoy your chat, with different views, it is ok. let go steam a little is good. we are what we write.

as for Arthur Lee...: )