Straits Times wins 2 Asian publishing awards

2 premier awards, one for Excellence in Reporting Breaking News and one for Excellence in Business Reporting. And the winners were Carolyn Hong, Reme Ahmad and Leslie Lopez! How come the names are so unfamiliar? Oh, they are our correspondents and bureau chief in KL. And the news they covered was the Malaysian General Election. I thought our local correspondents covering our General Election were equally deserving for the voluminous pages they put out during the election. And the news were fresh from the oven. In the citation for the KL correspondents, the judges praised them for 'smart, balanced election reporting'. Ok, we missed the chance this time. Maybe next year we will win some awards for the coverage on the Aware Saga. This was the hottest news of the year with great interests from the people and working up the senses and sensibilities. It was some news that was really newsworthy.


Wally Buffet said...

SOPA should recognize that the journalists writing and reporting on local news are just as creative, balanced and hardworking!

How about a round of applause even though they didn't win any prizes?

"clap" "clap"

Anonymous said...

Are we really that high standard,the 154th?

I do not like to rule anything out,but we are probably one of few Asians using English as mother tongue

Anonymous said...

That does not necessary speak well of ST but surely speak volumes of those who give the awards.

Anonymous said...

There is hope.

One Straits Times Staff Feng Zengkun wrote in the Home Youthink Section that "Journalists who pursue the truth fearlessly to serve the public are my inspiration", on 15 June 2009.

May he inspires his colleagues in Singapore Press Holdings from now on.