Stop crying to papa and mama

There was this little tiff between Lionel De Souza and TOC of which the former complained to MDA about the contents in the latter's forum, claiming that the postings were harmful, bordering on perdition and sedition. MDA has made an official reply to the complaint stating that not everything or everyone should go crying father and mother to the authority. If anyone is not happy with the content, speak to the forum owner or moderator first. And MDA will only take action if the content is serious and damaging. Otherwise, grow up. The internet is there and will be there and MDA will continue to handle it with a light touch. Bravo, MDA!


Wally Buffet said...

This MF seems to be a BL.

Kanna slapped by Mama when he complained about his brother's frolicky antics.

Way to go MDA.


Wally Buffet said...

M = Moderate touch as far as possible because this is the new age of the internet.

D = Democratic supervision and surveillance is best. Everyone is happy. Makes for good governance.

A = Always think and act like an adult before crying to Papa and Mama.

This is a good mission statement.

redbean said...

hi wally, MDA should pay you a royalty for your definition : )

Matilah_Singapura said...

Once in awhile, people working for the govt show an ability to make the right judgments.

Good job MDA. Now that you've proven you are not required, you should be shut down and the money returned to the citizens from which it was taken.

De Souza is well-known in the MSM forums and for his (usually fatuous and ignorant) opinions — which is wonderful. It is indeed wonderful that he has the freedom to speak, and for the rest of us to judge him and be entertained by his inanity.

De Souza is a very important character in S'pore society for he reflects the darker attributes of many other Singaporeans like himself: kapoh, moral absolutists who wants the govt to force everyone to OBEY (in is case) The Supreme Dictum of De Souza, and for society itself to be DESIGNED by the bums who work for the state.

Fucking brilliant, Lionel. Keep up your stellar work.

Anonymous said...

This incident does prove to the people of Singapore that indeed in Singapore there exists a very small(BIG)minority(MAJORITY)who wants the government to keep our long cherised ASIAN VALUES.

Whoever plays this card shall win,as happened for so many years already!

Wally Buffet said...

Must be a lull in his private dick business to have the time to voice so much dictums.

Sorry, he retired as what? Some sort of sargeant or lance corporal? Heard all the old fart ex dragon heads now sitting in the Geylang coffee shops ogling at PRC whores and still dreaming of glory days tremble when they hear his name once upon a time, long long ago.

redbean said...

let's be kind to lionel. he is free to speak his views. but i won't encourage him to cry to papa and mama.

we are all adults and should behave as adults, propound your views, have a say, have an opinion, disagree, accept others having a different view from yours.

peace everyone.

Anonymous said...

He(LDS) did not gain his fame(wellknown) from nothing !

Matilah_Singapura said...

Every healthy society should have a few village idiots to entertain the masses in the proletariat. These worldly folks are engaged in an ongoing struggle for their livings. They are lied to by their government, looked down upon by the elite ruling class, and told that they are "unholy" by tyrannical religious zealots.

De Souza, god made you to play the fool. Nice to know you're doing the good lord's work :->

Wally Buffet said...


You're the MAN!