The ridiculous nature of progress

Yes we are rich, very rich. Many people have gone pass the comfort zone and have time and money to be philanthropists. Actually I prefer this word to be spelt philantrophist. The piss sound in the first word doesn't do justice to the do gooders. Where am I heading? Oh yes, we now have excess money and energy to help more needy people. All our needy people are well taken of by the govt and the legions of charitable organisations in our midst. I do not know the statistics, but we could have more do gooders or charitable organisations per capita than any country in the world. What shall we do with so many good things? Spread them around, overseas, to help the world. And if that is not good enough, we can import poverty to live with us. This will give us more opportunities to explore our creativity and the compassionate goodness in us to help these needies. We must thank the importers of foreign workers for helping the do gooders in their cause. Let's import more foreign workers so that we can feed them and look after them. It is always a good thing to help others. Never mind if they came here in debt and without a job. We can all do our part to feed them. It is good for the soul. The MOM must be more generous in the issuing of WP and not go around chasing after them as illegals.


Wally Buffet said...

I and lots of Singaporeans don't mind having so many worker bees to cater to our needs so long as I am the King Bee, my wife, the Queen Bee and my children and their children, royal bees.

This should be enshrined in the constitution so that we will not complain so much about the foreign worker bees.

Now why didn't our value added Guardian Bees think about that?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps... a big perhaps & similar to the Parents Maintenance Act, we should enact a law on Complusory Philanthropy Act requiring those who collect $10 millions & more from State funds - be it retirement funds, dividend fund, or performance benefits. Legislature be drawn out to ensure complusory donation from those who collect hugh sum of monies from the State. Part of those monies should have been properly spent for the needy.

Wally Buffet said...

If it is compulsory, the poor sod writing out the cheque is no longer a philanthroPISS but an unhappy tax payer.

This Parents Maintenance Act, the brainchild of you know who, to me, sounds like passing the buck from the state to the poor offsprings who now have to pay up or face the consequences. Filial piety cannot be legislated, otherwise it will be known as filial PITY.

Anonymous said...

Like Wally's interpretation of filial piety.


redbean said...

now we can claim another first. filial piety tax! another problem solved by money. how much, just pay and be done with.

Wally Buffet said...

Filial piety cannot be purchased with money.

When your children were young, if you had been a good father, responsible, caring and hardworking to give your family your all, rest assured that when the day comes for them to look after you, they will not be found wanting.

On the other hand, if you came home drunk every night, gambled, beat your wife and abused your children, rest assured that you will need the Parents Maintenance Act.

Anonymous said...

The Parent Maintenance Act itself is toxic/vicious in nature.

Nothing good will come out of a toxic, harmful and may I add, unwise form of solution/cure.

The Parent Maintenance Act will only stir-up more viciousness.