Putting a lease and tag on thieves and cheats

Obama is going to do it. Make no mistake about it, the thieves and cheats of the corporate and financial world must be leased and tagged and kept under observation. They have committed horrendous crimes against the innocent public and minority shareholders for too long, robbing, stealing and cheating under the guise of financial engineering, clever accounting and selling toxic products that were no better than snake oils. And practically none, only a handful, has been put behind bars. And who is to be blamed? The govt and regulators of course. They were either sleeping or in cahoot with these thieves, sharing their kickbacks. The Obama Administration is going to take the lead, to show the way, that a crime is a crime no matter how well conceived, how legally documented and how sophisticatedly worded and looking so real. The financial system has been at the brink of being ruined by these thieves and cheats. And one bunch is still happily singing and whistling as they go about cheating through a game that they cannot lose by sheer advantage of financial power and a set of rules of the game that are in their favour. I am referring to the hedge funds and how they are courted by stock market operators to participate in the market, to give a false sense of an active and healthy market, but at the perils of the small investors and shareholders. Obama shall not stop at just the corporate thieves and cheats, but also the hedge fund operations. Taking advantage of arbitraging is acceptable. Taking advantage of a trading system by its system weaknesses is unacceptable. And the fault does not lie just in the hedge funds but also the system administrators for creating a faulty or flawed system, an uneven playing field. Obama shall show the world how the bad systems, sold to the world as the best and workable systems, are really a scam, and let the little administrators around the world wake up to their follies of blindly following Wall Streets and the dictations of the big fund managers on how the system should be, of course to enable them to participate and exploit to their benefits. Just hope Obama is not bundled out as the forces stacked against him is huge and powerful.


Wally Buffet said...

The US economy will move on and UP.

Mr. Obama is just sweeping away the litter after a baseball game. Another match is being planned and on the way.

Thieves, cheats, scammers, scoundrels et al are all necessary players in the investment game. Without them, the scenario is so boring and predictable that there will be no buyers and no sellers to move the markets.

Next to my idol, I totally adore them! I don't have to like them. I just think they are a necessary cog in the whole SCAM of investments.

Anonymous said...

Read a geomancer said that Obama's political journey is fraught with challenges.

Think it is only commonsense to come to that conclusion. Nevertheless, wish him the best.


redbean said...

obama is challenging all the established powers in washington and new york and the most fearsome of all, the jewish clique and israel.

if he is not careful....

Anonymous said...

obama will be very pleased to know that while he has accomplished true changes like leaving iraq etc, our very own pinky who earn more than 5 times his pay is still sitting, waiting for him to come rescue sg.