The pros and cons of LKY in Malaysia

Despite the years of battling him and attacking him, there is a big change in the mood of the younger Malaysian leaders towards him. They have disagreed, opposed each other, and fought, but on the personal level they still respect this towering leader of 50 years in power. They could see his wealth of knowledge and want to know how he sees and reads the political trends, and how to bring a country forward in economic, social and political developments. From the reports coming out from Malaysia, the visit LKY is well appreciated and seen positively as a great statesman wanting to share and understand what is going on in Malaysia, and the importance of Malaysia Singapore relations. This love hate relations aside, the presence of LKY in Malaysia is probably a bigger event than if an American president were to be there. On the cons side, his immense presence still overshadows the rest of the younger Singapore leaders. As long as he is around, all the attention will go to him. Everyone will want to listen to him, talk to him, be seen with this mammoth leader of the 20th Century stretching into the 21st Century. In many ways this is bad for the younger leaders to grow and be their own men, carving out a presence for themselves. They will have a hard time breaking out of the canopy of this huge tree, to be seen. As long as the thick canopy is there, you can't really see what is beneath, or even notice anything there. The fortunate thing in Malaysia is the parting of ways with Mahathir to let the younger leaders more breathing space to choose their own destiny. The continued presence of LKY in the Singapore leadership is a blessing, as well as a curse in a way, to the younger leadership here.


Anonymous said...


Hiding behind freedom of speech, 1st amendment,journalism and self preservation of ones' own culutre,religion and race to speak of hate of another race, culture and religion ie Islam and muslims. The reason may be because ones' culture values in religion and race are in decline and moralless and wanting to impose these same values for muslims...

Geert Wilder is like James von Brunn, hate monger, unlike JVB, Geert Wilder is a coward and a blasphemer that hide behind film making and freedom of speech to speak hate through inferences and associations.

jihad against hate

sorry Mr. Bean i join your other blog to relpy but i made an mistake in registry (hitting<13) and i was unable to use my email for re registry.

Wally Buffet said...

Comparing MM Lee and the other fella is like comparing an Airbus 380 with a Cessna 172.

One is a super high capacity, state of the art, Trans Oceanic Airliner whilst the other one is a sputtering single engine Wrights Brothers vintage, making a lot of noise, going nowhere and tail spinning when a strong head wind blows.


Wally Buffet said...


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Thanks in advance.

redbean said...

hi wally,

for the digicam, ask yourself what you want to do with it. shooting children, how much zoom you need, how much megapixel etc.

for normal family shots, 6 megapixel, 3 times zoom more than adequate. anything more will be bonus. such cam came with 28mm or lower to give wider coverage.

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Wally Buffet said...


Aren't you going to the show as well?

Weekends will be very very crowded.

redbean said...

uh not really. just plonked $2k for another nikon plus accessories last week. ouch!

redbean said...

hi, elle or hmt?

no sweat. post wherever you want. but when we are discussing religion, let's be as objective as possible and avoid flaming.


Matilah_Singapura said...

If you trust what your eyes and ears and the untrustworthy media tells you, you are a deluded fool.

Never trust politicians. When dealing with Malaysian politics, up the vigilance by a large factor.

The best stance IMO, is to remain hawkish and untrustworthy of the Malaysian politicians, and engage in exchange and commerce purely from self interest. If you think that the best philosophy is to "be friends with everyone", you still have a lot of growing up to do.

Anonymous said...

This is the right move,LKY saw an opportunity to get rid of his life long nemesis in KL,DR .M.

Having trouble with all his successors,Musa,Gaffer,Tungku R,Anwar,ABB,Dr M. is now in an absolue impotent position.Can he get angry with Naji?Yes he is,but to display it publicly,then 99.99% of his fellow citizens would agree with Anwar & ABB that Dr M is but a Madman!HeHe

Armeed with a photo of Naji's candle dinner with a Mongalian model in Marina Bay,LKY has proved yet again that he indeed does hv an IQ much much higher than Dr M.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir's love for his country Malaysia is beyond doubt.

He is unlike Singaporean Retired Politicians, the moment they retired from politic, they are dumb
as though anything that happens in the Country is nothing of their concern anymore.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I think your presupposition/generalisation of Singaporeans not "loving" their country is dubious.

Singaporeans, for the most part, have LOST their country to the state — the territorial agency originally created to PROTECT the citizens but now the biggest aggressor and thief of the citizens lives, property and nation.