Property sales and prices going up

These must be good news. And the better news is that more of the buyers are HDB upgraders, 46% of them. The actual number is 673 for the 2Q of 2009. It is good to note that HDB upgraders are able to move on to the private property market, thanks to the higher resale values of their HDB flats. The other side of the coin is that with resale prices going up, prices of HDB flats, new and old, will also move up accordingly. While the upgraders have the benefit of owning flats that are appreciating in price, the new buyers, those who have yet to buy a flat will have something to worry about. And with their income not keeping pace with the rising prices, the new flats that they are going to buy are going to cost them more. But they should not worry as there will be more new flats being built in the new towns. And if they cannot afford 4 rm flats, go for cheaper 3 rm or 2 rm flats. They must tailor their expectation according to their income level. This is only a reasonable advice. Would we reach a stage when our young graduates could only look forward to buying a new flat in a new town, and probably a 3 rm one as their income will not be enough for the bigger flats? We used to have graduates being seen as someone who have made it and on a career path that will lead to a better lifestyle. With the rising HDB prices keeping up with market prices, future graduates should attune themselves by lowering their expectation of bigger HDB flats or private properties in their first buy. Things are different now, and they got to get use to the higher cost of everything.


Wally Buffet said...

Whoopi! Does that mean that my 3 room flat is going to go up in value?

I have been eyeing that MacBook for a long time.

Hope they will not increase the rental of the one room rental flats to keep pace with market demand too!

redbean said...

you really can read what they will do. this calculative approach in public administration is going to disconnect the govt from the people. they expect the people to sacrifice every now and then, NS, etc but on the other hand they want to calculate every cent and make as much profit as they could from the people.

housing is the foundation of nation building and my feel is that they have messed this up with profit making.

Anonymous said...

Who is to speak up for the poor and those who cannot afford them?

Wally Buffet said...

Since I will get more for my 3 room HDB, I think it's only fair that they raise a bit of rental for the 1 room which I plan to downgrade to.

But I hope it will not be too much so that with the capital gain, I can get that 42 inch full 1080 HD DVD so I can play some digital golf with my Wii.

When I bought the 3 room aeons ago, I didn't dream I could make so much capital gain.


Anonymous said...

Greedy talk.

Wally Buffet said...


- Gordon Gecko.
Michael Douglas acting in
"Wall Street"

Anonymous said...

What's with your obesession with graduates, Redbean? Being a graduate today is nothing to crow about. Fact of the matetr is graduate will still need to fight for his or her place in the economy just like everyone else. A degree scroll is not an entitlement to a good life, well not anymore at least.

Anonymous said...


Certainly, The Awaken One did not say that.

You are nuts!

Wally Buffet said...

Gordon Gecko has more brains than your "Awaken One."

Come to think of it. Gordon Gecko CERTAINLY has more brains than you AH.


redbean said...

yes greed is good. it is a very strong motivator. but it is also the beginning of man's self destruction, if left unchecked. look at what is happening to wall street and america?

and mind you, we are a mini america.

Matilah_Singapura said...

There has been a lot of money created by the MAS (quantitative easing) — to keep the S'pore dollar "competitive" with other currencies.

Every country in the world has been 'printing money' China's increased its money supply by 26%, India 15%, Australia 15% etc. For several months gun-shy banks have been reluctant to lend, so a lot of this 'new money' was sitting on the side lines. Now the increased liquidity is like a genie out of a bottle: it will have to "go somewhere" — real estate? commodities? equities? hoarding? consumption?

Interest rates are — for the time being — artificially low. But wait. Wait til the bond-raiders hammer the bond market and re-price all that useless govt debt then you'll see spikes in the interest rate — maybe double digits. Mortgage rates are tied to the bond market.

So folks, fear not. Another spectacular crash is going to happen. In fact, I'm stocking up the wine cellar...

Wally Buffet said...

Before the next cycle of another Crash coming, there will be a pent up explosive demand for stocks, fossil fuel, properties, wheat, corn, gold, condoms, etc. etc. because the hordes of "emerging" consumers from China and India will be raiding the warehouses, pantries, shops, stock exchanges etc like there is no tomorrow. The tons and tons of money in the world's banking system which is now lying in one giant useless heap gotta find some release soon.

So, fellas, trust Wally. Prime yourself and stock up something saleable and elastic in demand and wait for the fools to come banging down the door to buy it. Then laugh all the way to the bank, go fishing and wait for the next big crash which ain't gonna be the last.

Humans never learn. This knowledge alone makes you money.

Anonymous said...

Wally Buffet said...
"Since I will get more for my 3 room HDB, I think it's only fair that they raise a bit of rental for the 1 room which I plan to downgrade to".

And did Wally said in one previous post that he was disappointed that he just have to pay only 66 cents to travel from end to end in the MRT ?

Some of Wallys' Comments sounded weird.

Wally Buffet said...

Hi Anon,

It seems weird because you don't understand it.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:42 PM

He's got a point there, beanie was simplistic. When comparing trends across different timelines, the demographic realities of the different times should be considered as well. Not too long ago, china and india were not such powerhouses; back then, the world was not so intergrated and borderless as it is today. Times have since changed. U grads in sg today are a dime a dozen and the FTs are just as impressive. Suppose the day comes when 80% of our population are tertiary educated (the trend) what then should they be living in aside from hdb flats?

redbean said...

ok, ok. my point is that if grads can't even afford decent housing, what is going to happen to those that are worst off than them? there will be non grads that will be better off than the grads. but generally, if the grads can't afford, the non grads who are not in business or don't inherit any wealth are likely to be worst off.

leave the exceptions aside.

Anonymous said...

'Gordon Gecko has more brains than your "Awaken One."'

What an extremely foolish comment!

Anonymous said...

Wasting your time to make money is one of the most foolish things persons invented for the pleasure of foolish persons. Wally, I should be the one laughing and crying at your stupidity! It is likely you will not understand why and what I wrote until you can see things from where I am. But I am still laughing and crying at your stupidity! Making this kind of stupid comments. No one, no one who is smart make fun of The Awaken One the way you do. You are really one big foolish person.

Anonymous said...

The smart person will pay reverence to The Awaken One and practise His Teachings earnestly.

If he or her or other has any doubts, he or she or other will investigate those doubts and iron out his or her or other doubts.

Anonymous said...

My goodness, after so many houses have collapsed and the sub prime crisis, Wally can still quote someone saying 'Greed is good'. Obviously, some lessons are difficult for some to learn.

Anonymous said...

Hey kiddo, speaking as a third party I just cant help feeling as i read your comments that you are too opinionated to the extent of sounding cocky as schoolboys often do.

Please lah, inasmuch as you have your own opinions about the things which you perceived, do kindly respect that there MAY be many others who do not share that same view. Could you be kind enuff to hands off Wally, get a life and stop ranting like an immatured idiot.

Wally Buffet said...

Anon 3:24

Thanks and we should all leave the boy and his "awaken one" whoever he is, alone.

Although Redbean is a thoroughly lib eral and nice person to switch moderation off for the comments on his blog, I think he would really prefer religious and racial issues to be left out of the discussion.

redbean said...

the awaken ones talked, preached, practised and lived humility, compassion and kindness. these are qualities that are difficult to learn and pracise.

be gracious and kind to all sentient beans.

sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.

redbean said...

hi wally,

talking about racial and religious issues requires a lot of maturity and restraint and also a willingness to accept and appreciate that others will not see things the same way as ourselves.

often in such discussions people will be overtaken by the heat and will lose their coolness and direction. not easy to do so.

Wally Buffet said...

That's why this government is doing the right thing to discourage or even ban such discussions to avoid the consequential social damage that follows.

We can have fun in friendly discussions without treading on thin ice.

Anonymous said...


as rightly pointed out by a commenter here that there will come a day when many will have a degree(80% is quite possible).

You are awared, seen from your latest post, that fake degrees are available here, SIN could be flooded with fake graduates in no time.

This is a very good COuNTRY.


Matilah_Singapura said...


> Prime yourself and stock up something saleable and elastic in demand and wait for the fools to come banging down the door to buy it. <

Don't you want the demand to be inelastic? — i.e. constant through good and bad times. The most "salelable" goods/services/widgets tend to (not exclusive) have more or less inelastic demand curves, meaning people will buy more or less the same amounts and act impervious to price swings (unless the prices swing very widely)

Matilah_Singapura said...


> talking about racial and religious issues requires a lot of maturity and restraint <

Nonsense. It is "right" to respect people's rights to believe what they want to believe — which are ideas, but there is no requirement for anyone to respect ANY idea.

I wallop religious ideas whenever I can. The book I'm reading at the moment is Christopher Hitchens "The Portable Atheist", which is commentary on a collection of anti-religious ideas from many of the world's greatest minds. None of them are "polite" in their critique of religion.

redbean, whilst I respect your "right" to be "polite" regarding religious issues, I think that idea is cowardly and irresponsible. The religious zealots have no problem ramming their shit down other people's throats and bringing religion into the political realm. It is for this reason that hard arguments against these POISONOUS IDEAS is necessary. That is my "idea".

Ridicule is he only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them..."
— Thomas Jefferson

One of my current "heros" on the net: Pat Condell

Wally Buffet said...


You got me there! I stand corrected.

redbean said...

matilah, in this area it is better to be coward and polite than to stir a storm. i have tried in private discussions and the tension could become unbearable even among close friends. in a public forum, it is so easy to start a riot.

best treat it gingerly. and if people want to impose their ideas on anyone, i agree that a robust rebuttal is necessary. but then again, it can get too heated up too fast.

Anonymous said...

Francis Chua (Singapore) said...
'Who is to speak up for the poor and those who cannot afford them?'

'Man jumps onto MRT track; train service disrupted for 18 minutes'


Anonymous said...

'Anonymous said...
Hey kiddo, speaking as a third party I just cant help feeling as i read your comments that you are too opinionated to the extent of sounding cocky as schoolboys often do.
Please lah, inasmuch as you have your own opinions about the things which you perceived, do kindly respect that there MAY be many others who do not share that same view. Could you be kind enuff to hands off Wally, get a life and stop ranting like an immatured idiot.
June 26, 2009 3:24 AM'

I can help whenever you need the requisite knowledge and perception to share my view.

redbean said...

eh francis, i often intentionally post like an idiot with very naive views, so innocent and so pure. so very often i am called an idiot as well.

wally is not an idiot. he posts in a way like me at times, half in jest, half cynical and half for people to guess what i am driving at.

let's enjoy our chat and try to figure out what is real behind a word or a sentence. what you see is not what is real.


Matilah_Singapura said...


Why do you have a habit of twisting my words? Is it deliberate or are you just being careless?

I NEVER did call you a 'coward' What I did say (read it again) was that your idea (of choosing your stance) is cowardly and irresponsible.

Now, a learned man (in the ways of Buddhism) such as you, ought to know FULL WELL that whatever ideas you have; ideas which could influence your choices DO NOT BECOME YOUR IDENTITY. I was very careful to write it that way. I'm critical of your IDEA, not YOU, the person.

Now stop twisting my words and distorting what I say. Thank you.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Yes, when discussing or arguing about religion, the likelihood of the discourse becoming heated is a definite reality.

So what? The issues are 'serious' in a sense because the beliefs of the believers tend to be sensitive points. And why wouldn't they be? If you belief in something by FAITH, means that you willfully suspend the prerequisite for evidence, reason and objectivity. Faith based belief systems do not require reason — they are emotion based.

Simply saying "no we won't discuss this because people will get offended" doesn't cut it with me. It's evasive, and deep down at the core it is a lie.

redbean said...

ok matilah, the idea is cowardly and irresponsible. and yes, the thought is also a karma creator. everything starts from a thought.

i always ask people to question the truth. never simply belief. never believe anyone who says 'trust me.'

you are right to say that the liars are having a field day telling lies and there is no way to stop them from telling their lies. when i meet them or when they try to tell me their lies, i always exposed them of their lies.

the kings and dictators would always love people who believe blindly. more manageable.

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