Medisave - the magic cure

It is reported in the ST today that chronic disease patients managed their health better when allowed to tap on Medisave. In a study by the MOH, 'Diabetics, for one, experienced improved diabetic, lipid and blood pressure control over the two years... 46% had optimal control by the end of last year. And nearly 4 in 5 diabetics with initial poor control, had made improvements by the second year....As for hypertensive patients, up to 85% of those with poor blood pressure control made improvements by the end of last year.' These fantastic findings were due to they 'being allowed to tap on their Medisave for outpatient treatment.' Wow, Medisave must be a wonder drug. The MOH must allow more patients to dip into Medisave to improve their health. I was involved in a free health screening in one of the constituencies in the North. We were surprised that despite being free, and so many volunteer doctors, very few people came forward. So some of our volunteers went to one of the aged homes nearby to encourage the inmates to come forward. They were scolded by the oldies. Their reason, screening was free. But what about the followup and medicine that were prescribed after the free screening? They could not afford to pay for them. So they rather stayed put and gave the free screening a pass. The moral of the story is have money have good health. No money, poor health.


Anonymous said...

I am one that never go for 'free' or 'token fee' medical and dental screens.

And the reason ? I fear there will be many things wrong with my physical condition.

I prefer to let Nature takes its course with my body and will seek medical help to reduce pain when it happens. Physical pain is easier to solve than heartpain or emotional upset.


Wally Buffet said...

It is foolhardy to be in a state of denial if there is some problem with one's physiology.

Nip the problem in the bud is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

There is always the fear that there will be the danger of being denied cure or only partial cure when one runs out of fund. On top of that, I fear to be guinea pig if I am suspected of this and that(medical/physical) disorders.


redbean said...

don't worry lah. there are plenty of assistance schemes. no one will be denied medical treatment,

Matilah_Singapura said...

have money have good health. No money, poor health.

Exactly right. The more money you have the better your chances in exchanging that money for any "value" you choose in life.

Healthcare is a value. It is not provided free, nor did it appear by "magic" out of thin air. People who work in health and medical deserve to be paid, just like anyone else in any other enterprise creating "value" for customers.

There is no such thing as "free" healthcare. Someone, somewhere has to pay for it.

redbean said...

there is no such thing as free health. that i agree. i am only against profiteering and the ridiculous cost of medical treatment which is compounded by the ridiculous system of profit motive behind everything.

medical health need not be so costly! it is like a piece of space within 4 halls shall not costs $1m or $2.5m or more. it is absolutely a waste of money which can be used to better the quality of life. i will post on this sometime.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Firstly, if you are going to analyze a 'problem' it is best to get rid of any notions of 'morality' like 'greed' and 'profiteering'.

Those ideas are not real — they are just your own judgment of other people's choices. It makes for really lousy science.

Charging the highest price the market will bear is perfectly rational and necessary if you are going to be sustainable over the long term.

The 'profit motive' is absolutely CRUCIAL if you are dealing with capital structures.

The infrastructure/resources don't appear out of thin air — they have costs of creation. Also, things wear out. Demand tends to increase — you are always spending capital to upgrade and replace.

> medical health need not be so costly! <

Can you make the case for it to be cheaper?

If you offer the 'solution' — "the govt should subsidise it".

Well, that is nonsense. The govt can't 'subsidise' anything UNLESS it TAXES (takes money against peoples will).

I can also make a statement: "People should live forever".

Making a statement like that or like
> medical health need not be so costly! <
doesn't necessarily make your proposition true or tenable.

You want to make a case for 'cheaper' medical care? Go for it.