I Sultan

Najib could not have gotten a worst start in his attempt to stamp a mark as PM with a new approach on how Malaysia should be managed and its relations with Singapore. He started with lots of promise for cooperation and development, and to do away with the time consuming and unproductive politicking of Mahathir's days. Unfortunately in his haste to get things moving, he forgot that there are Sultans in Malaysia. And Mahathir's way of by passing the Sultans is over. Building bridges, straight or crooked, is not a simple affair and the Sultan must be consulted. Now, before anything can happen, the Sultan has made it clear, I Sultan, cannot be ignored. I am still around and kicking. How is Najib going to negotiate this mountain is going demand the best political skills from him. And his key party members are starting to voice their opposition to the idea as well. On hindsight, LKY should make it his last stop at the JB Istana for dinner before coming home.


Wally Buffet said...

Looking forward, we should send our NMPs instead of high powered ministers to the man's birthday celebration to show our displeasure at his Mad Hatter like inclinations.

A crooked bridge, a third bridge, a tunnel. WTF, all these bridges bring Sing Dollars to that swarm upcountry and they are playing it like some coy maiden being wooed. The present two bridges is sufficient. Serve Singaporeans right to suffer the jams just to eat some durians and save a dime or two on groceries. What they need is all here in this beautiful island of ours. Their lorries bringing produce down to us being stuck is a sign to them that they need us more than we need them.

Anonymous said...

Ya, Sg does not need bridges to Malaysia, we can even do away with the causeway.

Sg needs bridges to the US who can save us economically though US Financial Institutions have got Billions of SINDollars from us to help them survive.

Anonymous said...

We really need something to be built to overcome the traffics congestion. We need to save the time for border crossing.