Great Singapore Sales going to HDB flats

Fernvale Crest, sounded like some place in Bukit Timah, very high end. No it is at the junction of Jalan Kayu and Sengkang West Way. Oops, Jalan Kayu, Sengkang! Anyway, it is BTO, so the design and quality must be good and the price, oh at a great discount, very affordable. They are cheaper by 35-45% from others in the vicinity. Now, isn't it a steal? 2 rm from $74k-$98k, 3 rm from $116k-$157k and 4 rm from $203k-$250k. Cheap, cheap and cheap. Less than 10 years ago, 4 rm flats probably cost about $120k. It depends on what you are comparing. Go to the big shopping centres offering the Great Singapore Sales. Many have jacked up their prices only to bring it down as a great discount. That is ingenuity in pricing. Don't worry about the pricing. Fernvale Crest is going to be our new standard for a Swiss Standard of living.


Anonymous said...

I am going to queue up.

Just the name of the project alone is worth half the price. Little Orchard Road in the heart of ex farming country! LOL.

I was at Ikea and saw how they could make a 35m square space into a liveable, nice and cosy habitat.

To bring down prices, the HDB should have a design and build project whereby all apartments are of 35m square with condo like facilities. Just like in Hong Kong. There, they don't need such a big apartment because mostly, the abode is used for sleeping. The Hong Kongers are busy the whole day making money and saving for that ranch in Australia, Canada or the US.

Wally Buffet.

Anonymous said...

Whenever I say that shops actually jacked up prices only to bring it down as a great discount, many people do not believe me and are cynical.

But many young people never really noticed the varying prices of most things at different shops nowadays. It is the older folks who will look and compare the prices because they are more careful with their money.

I do not know whether HDB prices will be cheaper under a design and build project, but if the prices of those build-to-order flats in Punggol are any guide, it certainly won't be cheap. On the contrary, I will expect them to be sold at a premium. Swiss standard of living must come with a swiss standard of pricing.

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's true that the Great Singapore Sale is no sale. Just a lot of media hype to entice the unwary. To be more exact, the GSS is more to lure unsuspecting tourists rather than locals to the malls and departmental stores. But the opposite effect is achieved! More Singapore suckers than tourists are evident.

I bought a pair of bermudas. Was $39 but marked down to $18. Showed it to my wife and she said she won't pay more than $15 for it, sale or no, as it's not branded. Always trust a woman's intuition when it comes to facing off with crooked retailers. Now when I want to buy something, I bring her along for a second opinion.

The younger people's attitude to life may just be different from ours. Their attitude is, if you like it, just buy it. WTF. They never knew how hard it was to earn some extra bucks in our time.

Wally Buffet.