Foreigners are grabbing properties again!

I was wondering whether to put this in the thread, 'Signs of Progress' or 'Signs of Decline'? Property prices are sure to surge. Property developers will be laughing all the way to the banks. The govt will also be laughing as it will be able to launch more new sites for sales. Property owners, especially the private properties, will be in glee. This will trickle down to the HDB owners. Yes everyone will be happy if they are already property or HDB flat owners. Can charge higher rentals too. What about those young people who have yet to buy a HDB flat? No worry. If cannot afford 3rm, buy 2 rm flats. Buy according to how deep is your pocket. See, everyone will have a roof over their head. And it will be still Swiss standard, though smaller. And the advantage is that smaller area to clean. Progress!


Wally Buffet said...

I have always maintained that the current so called economic crisis is but a glitch. Nobody wants to be left out and when the first signs of recovery shows its welcomed head, things will start moving again.

The price of oil, a proxy indicator of inflation, is today more than US $70 per barrel and inching up. Properties or shares in property companies are a hedge against inflation.With all the cash locked up during the stampede to get out of investment markets, it is now finding its way back albeit most are now just testing the waters.

All signs point to an upswing despite what the doomsayers may say. The problem with the media is that when times are good, the hype is, "the sky is the limit". When times are bad, it is always, "we haven't bottom out yet". WTF!

Happy days are here again!

redbean said...

i agree with you about the doomsayers. if they keep on crying out for rain, one day rain is sure to come. they have been crying for rain for the last 3 months and it is still sunny, with a little drizzle now and then. : )

Anonymous said...

beware the foreigners are gobbling up the land with our liberal policies. losers get to coop up in pigeon holes and park benches.

Wally Buffet said...

"losers get to coop up in pigeon holes and park benches."


Like in the casinos, when you win, it's the presidential suite with champagne to bath in. When you lose, it's the streets man!

But nothing ventured, nothing gained.

So place your bets!