The changing colours of Malaysia

I wonder if any of you notice this subtle change in Malaysia over the last couple of years. There is change in the making in the mindset of UMNO. I am not referring to their racial politics. I am not referring to the fading era of Mahathir. There is a physical change, the choice of ceremonial colours. It used to be green. The new colour is red. UMNO is turning red, even in their party uniforms and colour. Would this mean anything? China was red but turning more blue. The Americans were blue but turning a little red. The Islamic states were green and so was Malaysia. But Malaysia is turning red. Indonesia, the most populated Islamic country, has always been red. Malaysia has seen the passing away of the second generation of political leaders when Mahathir left. Badawi was the transition stage. Now we have Najib, Muhyiddin, Hamidi, Hishamuddin and several other new generation leaders in the driver's seat. Hamidi and Hishamuddin came from UMNO youth and cut their teeth as ultras, riding on the cause of championing Malay supremacy to power. No one can fault them for taking those stands when young and full of fire in their bellies. Have they matured while rising to their present positions and able to see the bigger picture, the longer term of socio economic development and progress for nation and all? Today's report concluded that they are fully behind Najib to work with Singapore for the good of both countries. Such developmental approach, a break from the berserk politicking mindset of the past, is a big step forward. If they are to pursue this earnestly, instead of wasting time politicking to score empty victories, the relationship between the two states will have a long way to go and both will benefit along the way. Between the two countries, there are more to learn and gain through cooperation and working together to better the livelihood of the people of the two states. For this to be true, to materialise, serious and conscientious effort must be made to change the whole psychic of the people both in the corridors of power and the kampong folks. Will Malaysia be able to transform itself into a vibrant economic power, or will it still stick to its kampong mentality, living in a fast pace modern world but led by leaders with attitudes and mindsets of medieval kampong chiefs? Is the changing of colours a sign of real change, deep seated change, or just cosmetics?


Wally Buffet said...

Can a leopard change its spots and become a tiger?

Can some colour change signal a positive change in mindset? No way bruther.

Like Matilah says, when you deal with that country, do so hawkishly and remember that whatever deals that are signed it is as certain as the weather. Strike a deal 100% in our favour. Later when they wake up and realize its not as it should be and renege parts of it, we are still ahead at least 50%.

We are not "cuddly cuddly". If we were, our troops would be training in Johore instead of having to do it in Australia and South Africa in terrains that we will never fight on.

Anonymous said...

last time, they said they do not want to go war with us and there are more than a way to skin a cat. so are we getting skinned in peace now?

Anonymous said...

Singaporean should not cast too many stones. Look nearer and you will find that you too are not perfect. Elsewhere corruptions are all out in the open, but in Singapore, are you willing to bet that you do not have corruption? Maybe you use another name for it, like high salaries for MP and all the various levels up the ministerial ladder. An outsider maight call it legalised corruption, no? Your NKF saga and the various cases of high ly paid monks who swindle from charities are not too clean either. At least in most other SE Asian countries our people do not run around like chickens with heads chopped off. Your kiasu-ness is world renown and when dealing with a Singaporean, it has been said you must hold tight to your wallet and read the small print carefully. Singaporeans are also noted for their always want to be in the head I win, tail you lose scenario. Lets face it, none of us are perfect. So please, do not cast too many stones. You may have a clean country, but scrape off the surface, is it really clean???

Anonymous said...

Politics are always dirty.

So people who are in politics, on either side, are they really clean and honest?

And sincere and fully responsible for what they say today when, in 10,20 or 30 years time, the incumbents may not be the same people and the word "Change" ,
or "Reality",
or "Progress",
or in the case of Singapore, "Pragmatism"
is used again to justify all sins?

redbean said...

i fully agree with anonymous that we are just as corrupt as any other places. no need to elaborate on this. everyone knows.

the problem that malaysia is facing is a more serious one, an issue of trust and consistency in the implementation of laws. under mahathir, they were prepared to tear up any legal documents, amend laws to he retroactive which means one day legal tomorrow illegal. this is something very difficult to change and regain the confidence of long term investors.

the other myth is to see singapore as a party that always want to win. malaysia or any country will also want to win, except how to win. let me use the 3rd bridge as an example. both will negotiate on the cost and how to build it. both will capitalise on the advantages on the new bridge.

but one day, malaysia will point the finger at singapore and accuse us of making more out of the bridge. but they did not know why we are benefitting more. the crux of the matter is that we would doubly hard, put in more to make more out of it. but if they just sit back and wait for things to happen on spend money and resources on the intangibles and non profitable projects, why blame singapore.

believe me, the 3rd bridge is malaysia's idea. but one day it will be singapore's fault, that they were tricked into building this bridge, and singapore gains more. until the BSE disease is remove from the malaysian mindset, singapore will always been seen as one up on them and trying to take advantage of malaysia.

the fact is we take advantage of a situation, a deal and make it work and profitable.

Anonymous said...

those who think kiasu-ism is only confined to sg, havent seen anything yet. the kiasu-ness of sgporeans may be renowned in this part of the (lazy?) neighborhood; up north the taiwanese, koreans, chinese are heaps more kiasu, competitive and into your face.

Anonymous said...

I do not know of anyone more "into your face" than a Singaporean. Singaporeans are so well trained by their govt so much so they do not have the guts to voice an opinion. I read recently where someone said that Singapore is a land of 5 million people, 6entrepreneurs and 1 opinion. So please do not criticise others too much. Look into your own backyard and you too will find lots of dirt.

Anonymous said...

all i can say is, there are no people i met who are more backwards in tots and actions than our poor flip flopping cousins up north. LMAO.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 11.07, you call us backward? You cannot even write proper English. Now who is backward? Learn to write good gramatically correst English.

redbean said...

it is all about priorities. we all have different priorities in what we want, what we think is good and acted accordingly.

after reading the reports and the photos of lky and the malaysian leaders, i sense that there is a mood, some sort of a maturing of people. the firebrand politickings are giving way to more diplomacy and bridge building, trying to make friends than enemies.

this is a good sign, if only it can last. mahathir has shut his mouth so far or his mouth has been shut during lky's visit. so no unpleasantries from him yet. let him rest in peace and let this be a new beginning.

Wally Buffet said...

Mahathir is probably waiting for the guests to leave before unleashing his two cents worth.

Typically a Malay courtesy gesture.

Wait to read and hear the blasts from his lips.


Anonymous said...

anon 4:15 AM

hey dun get so personal and emotional leh.
facts are facts wor.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia will be a fool to want a bridge from Changi(Sg) to Johor(Mas).

Dr Mahathir will advice his government to build a channel at the Isthmus of Kra with Thailand which will reap far more returns for a much longer time.

Anonymous said...

Ya, and the international communities especially China, India, Japan, Korea and Sri Lanka, are likely to support the development of a channel at the Isthmus of Kra.

There may even be a possibility that if the channel is wide and deep, it may reduce the impact of Tsunami arising from the Sumatran Side.

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a land of plenty natural resourses and has never been hit by natural calamity. This is a God given. No Singaporean should ever believe that Malaysia needs Singapore or Singaporeans to survive.

Some Singaporeans tend to think that ren ting shen tian meaning man will overcome nature though the opposite is true. Nature will take care of beings while beings in their egoes try to change Nature, but will always destroy themselves(mankind). Singaporean has the greatest ego that very apparent and telling.

redbean said...

the canal across the isthmus of kra is getting irrelevant by the day. china is building a pipeline and roads through myanmar. it will have a huge economice impact on maritime trade.

as for singaporeans trying to improve their own positions, it is not about being arrogant or trying to prove that we are superbeans. it is all about survival. without any natural resources, singaporeans must work out new ways and find a way out for themselves. i don't see that as an evil thing that must be punished by god.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir is a wise man who will be able to prevent others from exploiting Malaysia.