CASE is working on the abuses in motoring insurance

Motorists should be heartened by CASE's involvement in the motoring insurance scam. It is reported that CASE will be setting up a review committee this month to look into the problem. High time. One suggestion is for motorists to make statutory declarations of an accident. This of course will bring about more costs and time involvement. The question is, why is a police report not enough and a statutory declaration is deemed necessary? Can anyone make a false police report? I believe it is criminal and the person can be charged in court for doing so. What I think is necessary is not to add more layers of administrative work and protective measures. The current procedure may be adequate. What it needs is enforcement and a team of people assigned to deal with it and make an example of a few cases of frauds, charged the culprits and send them to jail. That will send a strong signal to the crooks in the scam. How ridiculous it is to pay $5000 pa or $400 a month just on insurance to have the right to drive a car? Many people may not even drive 10 days a month and it means they will have to pay $40 daily for it. ERP is expensive, what about insurance cost? This is a big rip off! We are going into the realm of madness.


Anonymous said...

Soon, the statutory declaration may not even be enough. Everyone involved in an accident will have to swear on their grandmother's grave that what is stated is actually what happened. Ambulance chasing Lawyers will be out of business. Good riddance. Then, we will have a special court to deal with all the crooks who swore a false SD.

Comprehensive insurance should be scrapped. Then everyone will be careful with their prized possession. Have only third party insurance. Sure some crooked motor workshops, lawyers and insurance companies will have to close shop. Who cares!

Wally Buffet.

redbean said...

buying car expensive, road tax expensive, coe expensive, erp and parking expensive.

now the motorists will have to ensure that the insurance agents, workshop mechanics, doctors and lawyers will be well fed.

thank you motorists, for your charity.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

The insurance agent is the innocent party goer...

Its first the workshop, than follow by laywers and doctors and lastly the insurance cos....

Got an accident last nov on a rainy night hitting a suv who jammed brakes to avoid a 'taxi' dashing out to 2nd lane after picking a fare... damage to the suv was a broken right tail light, right bumper dent and spoilt spare tyre cover. (Told him i've got insurance so he can claim against me) but later what i received was a lawyer letter instructing legal proceedings if i dont pay (was this necessary? how much will this cost?) in the course of that few months, i've received several legal letters!

Cut a long story short, final bill from him was $6800+ and my final bill to a slightly dented left bonnet and cracked left headlamp + left bumper scratched but not replaced was $2100!

My renewal from my insurer? $2200, up from $1000! Other insurers? quotes from $2500 to $4500 with many declined to quotes....

Btw, both me and the suv shared the same insurer... thats more rediculous....right?

Anonymous said...

If they are really interested in enforcement, the illegal money lending business would have been solved long ago.

Give those runners who terrorised borrowers to a few strokes of the rotan. Even hard-core gangsters of the 50's have been brought into line. Without the runners, the big fish cannot operate.

Instead, we are punishing the borrowers. who will definitely not report such illegal money lending activities, thereby encouraging the lenders to continue with their illegal trade. How can the problem go away?

It makes me sick, sometimes.

Lost Citizen

redbean said...

why are we allowing such scams to continue in front of our eyes? or is it alright to cheat, if cannot be caught?

who is responsible to catch them, buyers beware? buy at your own risk. we are living in the jungle, law of the jungle?

Jaunty Jabber said...

Hi Redbean,

Do you know if any of the MP, NCMP, NMP bring up this discussion in the Parliament? I did not follow every piece of news on the Parliament but I do expect this Motor Insurance topic to be included in the country's most important meeting.

redbean said...

hi jaunty,

can't recall if this was raised in parliament. maybe it wasn't impt.

Jaunty Jabber said...

If something against the law is unimportant than it shall means the it is not important to have the law. If Justice is unimportant than it means we don't need the court room.

Maybe this issue has not affect the country's reputation, yet. The Singapore brand is known to be a country that is strong with fair & transparent system, people are law abiding fellows, clean, having high regards to justice. Now with all the scam & fraudulence going on within the motor insurance sector, isn't it threatening Singapore's image?

Am I wrong to believe that Singapore is clean, fair and have strong belief in justice?

redbean said...

who says our cost of living is being imported?

look around and discover how many things that we have created are contributing to our high cost of living.

redbean said...

would matilah suggest that this is free market and don't do anything? i am not going to keep paying more and more. the NCB is supposed to reward motorists with an accident free driving record. but the savings cannot cope up with this scam and motorists ended up paying more and more.

Anonymous said...


You can have the hobson's choice of not owning a car and cram yourself amongst the Foreign T(?) into the sardine can they call the MRT as you go for your GSS jaunt. He He.

On the other hand, you may not relish the idea of giving up your plush leather seats in your 2 litre Lexus with Nat King Cole crooning away from the high power sound system as you cruise to town, then pay lor.

Wally Buffet.

Anonymous said...

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