All bridges lead to JB. Why?

More opposing voices are being heard against the 3rd bridge. I can understand the people of JB for not wanting any bridge that does not go their way. I can understand all those with vested interests in JB, businesses, properties etc to want everything to go to JB. A 3rd bridge will only divert people and business activities away. But have they thought of the consequences of everything going into JB? Do they want a KL or our CBD in JB, when the place is jammed packed with vehicles and people and pollution? Could they not see any merits in diverting away traffic, people and vehicles that are not bound for JB, through other avenues, and bridges? Yes, the 3rd will not benefit JB directly but more for the east coast towns like Mersing, Kota Tinggi, Desaru, Pulau Tioman and all the islands, and also Kuantan and perhaps Trengganu and Kelatan. But JB will benefit from a cleaner and less congested city, less through traffic, less enforced travellers that must go through JB short of alternatives. The Federal Govt is right in looking at the big picture. Who will have the final say? I think not Najib. Another stillbirth.


Wally Buffet said...

The noises you now hear about the third bridge is just that, noise. I have a feeling that the third bridge will take off because all the right reasons for it to do so are there. Johore's and for that matter, Malaysia's underdeveloped eastern region will benefit greatly from the new conduit.

Forget about a crooked bridge linking the causeway or a tunnel. The causeway will forever be there. It is a symbol of what we were, what we became and what we will be when it's gone.

Anonymous said...

Human beings are the same. When their vested interest are affected they will oppose with all the good reasons.

If they have no vested interest, well they can have all the good reasons too. So, who is right?

Are Singaporeans any different?

Lost Citizen

Anonymous said...

JB is too seedy and messy,
a bridge to melaka would be better.

Sylvester Lim said...

The Tuas Causeway is already under utilized. Is the third bridge really going to alleviate the traffic at Woodlands Causeway? Firstly, have to rework the charges for using the current bridges for the third bridge to really work. If not, it will still be back to square one although with the third bridge, you will have another option if money was no object.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, all bridges from SIN will have to pass through Johore. Is it possible for one to skip Johore Bahru from any point from Sg?

dotmy said...

You obviously have no idea how thigns are done up north, dear Wally. Rationality and common sense often give way to vested interests and state politics. The thirs bridge issue is now complicated by the fact that the Johore Sultan has publicly announced his disapproval. UMNO cannot afford to be seen to go against His Highness wishes especially after the Perak fiasco. Johore UMNO wields tremendous clout in the current political scenario being one of UMNO's strongest bastions and Najib knows he cannot afford to alienate them. The 3rd bridge is as good as stillborn.

redbean said...

in the absence of mahathir, the royalties will now re exert their power and this is not easy to deal with if the pm is weak.

the bridge is a flash in the pan. so is the call for greater participation in iskander.

as for the question why all bridges must go thru JB, it is all about planning and spreading the utlisation of land and resources.

it the third bridge to better the life of the people, for economic devt or to collect tolls? if just for the latter, it is unproductive in terms of returns on investment.

redbean said...

hi Syvester Lim, welcome to the blog. the first thot in my mind was to collect toll, and 20%.

Wally Buffet said...

Hi dotmy, thanks for the elucidation.

When I said "noise", I meant that all the interested parties are registering their rights to possible downstream benefits. You know, when Santa Claus comes, all the kids upon seeing the prosperous looking old man will yell, "I want! I want".

Sorry to say this but the way things work upcountry, it will never pose much of a economic threat to the tiny red dot. Everyone with a little clout is squabbling for their share of the booty. A totally laissez faire country. Great place to do business. Pay the price to get the prize! :-)

I am as prophetic as Redbean. Either a tunnel or a third bridge will materialize, perhaps not during my lifetime.

redbean said...

the day when we ran out of ideas of making money, we will follow the malaysians to build more roads and bridges to collect more toll fees.