2 more pics for viewing pleasure


Francis Chua (Singapore) said...

Grace & Style

If they were males, I would still have written:

Grace & Style

Wally Buffet said...

How did you manage to snap the white maiden's pic apparently from "above" while she was doing her dance routine?

Again, sorry to ask lah. Camera setting details. You're trying out your 2K Nikon huh?

redbean said...

this is the shot that i found comfort for the effort of going to the old parliament house. i shot at ground level, 5 ft in front of her. and my reliable and versatile S100FS did not fail me.

it was awfully sharp and detailed. shutter priority and 1/125, iso 400. the fujifilm is a class of its own in the non dslr class.

Wally Buffet said...

You should start a photography blog. Is there any good ones around, especially by local photography buffs. I have Foxsaver plugin which is a slide show screen saver for my firefox browser and the pics taken by photographers around the world are really top class. I wished I have their talent and the eye for such astounding aesthetics. Try it.

redbean said...

the discussion forum in www.dpreview.com is very good.

Anonymous said...

Photography enthusiasts can google 'flickr'.

Much photos and photography there.

redbean said...

yes, flickr has quite a lot of pics. but those in dpreview forums are of much better quality. some of the photographers are pros and semi pros, very serious and knowledgeable. and you can learn a lot from their discussions.

Tan How Choon said...

The photos shows CampFire 2009 by ECNAD Project Ltd, in conjunction with the Singapore River Festival.

Choreographer and Costume Designer is Lim Chin Huat.

For more of ECNAD, visit us at www.ecnad.org

redbean said...

hi choon how,
welcome to the blog. and thanks for the additional info. there are more photos in the link to Singapore River Festival blog.