2008 A year of Rip Off

The most memorable part of 2008 is the Rip Off of people's money around the world with America taking lead. America was the shining example of how the financial system was hijacked by a bunch of crooks and ripping off practically every American and people across the globe of huge sums of money. Many of the victims were driven to the point of bankruptcy. Fortunes were wiped out over night like a nightmare. But this rip off is not only confined to the people ripping off people, but to the govt ripping off the people as well. The American govt was involved in the biggest hoax of history and using it to invade countries and wars. Lives were lost and billions of the tax payers money were wasted. We were not spared by this Rip Off. Many of our innocent people were ripped off of the little money they had. Some lost their retirement fund or coffin money. The Rip off was not confined to just corporations. We see with our eyes wide opened, how the people were rip off, and the funny thing is that Singaporeans think that all the rip off is fair. Some rip offs were even proclaimed as the fairest thing to do. Singaporeans deserved to be ripped off.


Speedwing said...

Happy New Year Redbean. Lets hope 2009 will bring with it more happiness, good health and peace.

Btw I see in the ST today that your favourite gripe has been implemented, ie. means testing.

Good luck to all Singaporeans and a Happy New Year to all.

redbean said...

what to do? there are so many mean people around! it is the beginning of a mean year, a good start.

happy new year to you speed, and everyone.

Anonymous said...

Aiyoh, Rip van winkle deserves to be ripped off. Singaporeans have been voting during their sleep-walking ritual, with eyes wide opened but seeing little. It is going to happen again for sure, because they are sweetening the gound with handouts soon to stop the human beans from ever opening their eyes to really see again.

redbean said...

i think you are wrong. the singaporeans always vote intelligently, for the best talent and the best govt. that is why we have progressed all these years.

look at the foreign workers around us and you will know how good life has been for singaporeans. if we have bad govt, we too will be foreign workers too. their presence is a constant reminder to vote for a good govt.