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Go home early to make babies

Last week I read that Japan is encouraging its young to go home early to make more babies. The same justification as in many countries, an older and dying population needs renewal. You need two young to support an old. So the world is all clamouring for more babies with more monetary incentives. Is this a good thing? The equation, if fully practised, will lead to a population explosion. And this mother earth is already gasping for breath to keep up with sustaining a 6b population. They are expecting it to go to 8b in the near future. There are physical stress, resource stress, climatic stress and political stress facing civilisation and mother earth. Instead of a trimming exercise which nature does every now and then to shed some weight, we are trying to put on more. The ingenuity of humankind will find its way to survive with ever growing population, or it shall perish. When will human kind admit that mother earth can just support that much lives and it is time to stop adding on? Why the rambling, let's go for the 6m or 10m. Things will go work out naturally.


Anonymous said...

I saw an advertisement on a sbs bus that says " how many Clementi couples are earning their baby bonus in their bedroom ".

I thought that advertisement is such bad taste. However, the Singaporean govt is doing its utmost to encourage more to propagate.

A nanny state indeed, even have to be told when to f***. Laughable.

Anonymous said...

The disgusting part is having babies to get the bonus.

redbean said...

the inevitable part is that more babies means more mouth to feed and more resources to waste, more jobs etc. it is not a win win game. it will end up in disaster for humankind and mother earth. population must go down if we are to survive.

Anonymous said...

exactly. population increase and decrease must keep pace with natural resources.

Anonymous said...

it takes an awful lot of living and natural resources to keep just one human being alive till old age.

The Hermit said...

Nature always tries to balance things out.

What nature can't balanced, nature will destroy.