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Where is CASE?

David Goh wrote a letter to the ST forum questioning why CASE did not say anything when oil prices has been tumbling down while petrol pump prices are still high. For that matter, what is the position of CASE on the 21% electricity tariff hike? For CASE to keep quiet suggests a couple of things. CASE is quite comfortable or agreeable with the pump prices and the electricity hike. Or CASE may be busy, either with more important issues or is still studying the two cases. And if both cases are justified, then there is no need for CASE to be involved. Singaporeans should be rest assured that their well beings are in good hands. No need to worry lah.


Anonymous said...

CASE has been put on a leash for good. The person in charge is just a 'deity' sleeping on the job.

Anonymous said...

CASE has always been around, its' staff have always being paid their salaries. And that is why they have no case(complaint) to look into.


Anonymous said...

Case close! That will be the answer when you go to them. But the show must go on.

Anonymous said...

CASE = Cannot Ask Serious Enquiry