What a great idea

Recruit men from Nepal! Our police force and immigration officers are overworked. Many are leaving the services. There is a shortage of manpower. Why not recruit the men from Nepal to solve this shortage and make these services more efficient, and of course, at much cheaper cost. This is being suggested by Ravi Govindan in a letter in the ST today. And we can replace or reinforce those officers in Certis Cisco and Aetos as well. For such a great idea to deserve a big corner in our main media it must have be something worthy of consideration. And there is no shortage of supply to oursource these services to foreign mercenaries. If Nepal cannot provide the numbers we need, we can go for Bangladeshis, Indians and Chinese. Then we can free our highly educated local Singaporeans to take up better paying jobs. And if this proves successful, we can even recruit them for our armies and scrap National Services. The Singaporeans will be jumping for joy to leave the guarding of the country to foreigners and no more reservist duties to bother them. The hotels are doing very well engaging private agencies to run their security system. If hotels can do that, then there is no reason why a bigger hotel like Singapore cannot. Let's go for it.


Anonymous said...

Redbean you are talking nonsense again. Singapore system as it stands is the best for the country. You know why? Because our million dollar brains say so. We pay millions of dollars so that we can enjoy safety, a good life, good housing, no worries to speak of and best of all, we can all devote our time to making money. What more do you want?

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for the day when we can outsource the management of this hotel. You can be sure that there are plenty of good, cheap and experienced professionals out there in the world who are better value for money than what we have.

Anonymous said...


time to checkout of the Hotel before one runs out of fund to pay for the stay.

The Owners of the Hotel will expand and globalize their businesses. Soon and maybe even now, these owners are International Citizens. They are likely to have homes here, there and anywhere around the World.

How are the Owners so wealthy? Because we, the guests have been patronising them for too long, paying high prices for the lodgings.

Can I suggest that it is time to downgrade and move to inexpensive motels?


Anonymous said...

Just go, no one is asking you to stay.

Anonymous said...

Just stay, no one can ask you to go.

redbean said...

anonymous, you are a real genius to know that i am taking nonsense. thank god.

i love to talk nonsense every now and then to tickle a little. long live the hotel management. patriot will join me in the toast.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Lee Kuan Yew has used Nepalese (Gurkhas) as his guards for years.

If one might be permitted to judge on the basis of race, this would mean that being Nepalese would put you in a favourable position to be chosen for a "security-detail".

...just like being Black American would "increase" your chances of being a hip-hop superstar, or that being mainland Chinese would put you in the running for "Mass Murderer of Babies" by the free market mechanism of selling baby formula.


Anonymous said...

more than our neighbours, we are globalising and levelling up all the time. when a country moves and soak in talents at this incredible pace, there are bound to be displacements. as a consequence, some people will be left behind.

due to the unusual constraints in size and geography, it seems to be the best if not the only route for our country, that though i may not exactly like what i see, and it wasnt a smooth ride to begin with, i can empathise with the manner that things are gradually unfolding.

so, despite all the hoohah about pay and policies, i still think at the end of the day that our greatest assets are really the few good men running this place. and with all the irrational bs happening around the neighboring countries these days, we should be considered very fortunate to that extent.

i dun know about you guys, but i am one happy camper in this lovely, if you like, hotel for sure. the money we paid for good governance, that is priceless. and it is worth every cent. at least where i am concerned. whether you agree or not, i wish you good luck on your journey.

Anonymous said...

Yes Redbean, let's 'yamseng', cheers and sing.

Some love the money, come and stay.

Some love the company(people) remain to stay.

Some like Mr JB Jeyaretnam, lost all his money, but never went away.

I got no money, cannot go away but I have every right to say what I said.

Dear Anon Oct 04 2008 1:42, thank You! On behalf of Redbean and myself, may we meet in Sg again in another day.


Anonymous said...

I have met people who have made a lot of money in the real estate market.

These people bought, sold, upgraded, downgraded, rent properties, sometimes with creative leverages. Hence one of the most incredible thing I have heard in this forum, must be the remark about the state of property prices. That so long as one is staying in the flat, the price matters not. And whether the property is worth $100,00 or $500,000, it is just the same.

Talk about absurdities, I have never heard anything to exceed that. And this coming out from a supposedly money market person. Is it any wonder that given the same headstart in life, some are able to make good while others simply falter and join the blame others game?

Go figure it out duke, dont simply envy others without taking a hard look at yourself.

redbean said...

yes anonymous, for those who are already holding on to one or more properties, the higher it goes, the better it is.

the problem comes with the young coming into the job market and wanting to set up home. earning $2k and buying a 4rm flat costing $40k versus earning $5k and buying a 4rm flat costing $400k are two entirely propositions. and don't forget the cost of everything is many multiples higher.

by using the position of one who got to buy his 5rm flat at $30k and sitting on a handsome profit is easy to laugh at one's good fortune. and don't forget that the appreciation over time comes with a big dosage of inflation. then take a moment and visualise the position of the young man and woman starting life now.

Anonymous said...

Not everybody gets the same headstart in life. If everyone is born to be successful that will be paradise. In life there are some who are born into wealth, some have good fortune and some falter due to circumstances, so to say we all start at the same level is absurd.

To those who made it, good luck to them, but we must at least spare a thought for those who are not so fortunate. And if some people think that just because they have made it while others have not and that the downtrodden should not complain, that is sad. They too want to be able to afford a roof over their heads and the least they could hope for is a cheaper 'subsidised HDB flat'. Is that asking too much?

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 10:15

i dun know about you guys, but i am one happy camper in this lovely, if you like, hotel for sure. the money we paid for good governance, that is priceless. and it is worth every cent. <

Yes, I love the hotel. And I think you might be right-- good management will attract a premium on salary packages for capable senior executives.

As one who enjoys The Hotel very much, I appalude The Management for doing an exemplary job in keeping law and order, so people like my good self can just get on with it and do what the heck we want.

Anon 415

> Not everybody gets the same headstart in life. <

It's not where you start, it's where you FINISH which counts in every game.

Anonymous said...

The finish is always the same for everyone, in three ways: as a pack of bones in the ground, as ashes in an urn or as food for the fish, unless you want something more interesting and entertaining like being blown to pieces with C4. Rich, poor, powerful, downtrodden, talented or dumb, the finish line is the same, and you cannot change the result.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I'm not referring to that kind of "finish". It is just before you fucking die -- when you see whether or not you've achieved things of value in your life, or did you just whine and complain right through and blew the whole gift by being negative.

That's what I'm talking about. It really doesn't matter where or how you begin. All human life begins with one's biological parents FUCKING each other anyway. So in that sense, life starts out as FUN! :)

(Unless you don't like fucking)

redbean said...

there are many ways to look at the ending. don't be too engrossed by the need to achieve. the little crooked tree that grows in the corner of the roof did not achieve anything. it just stays there, living.

as long as one does not create ill will, every little contentment one brings to self and someone else is good enough. no need to achieve by trying to achieve. leave it to the high achievers.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Gee, what a loser.

What a terrible example for the young who are filled with ambition, and ready to go out and get it... before they grow old and turn cynical like redbean!

Anonymous said...

Well said redbean.

A documentary just ran recently on CNA about a group of top honchos from Singapore, including Dhanabalan of DBS, travelling to Tibet (I think) to discover what makes the simple living people there so contented and happy with their lives and why Singaporeans are missing out on the secret to happiness despite their achievements and material possessions. Contentment with what they have is the essence of their happiness. Does that teach us something?

Matilah_Singapura said...

For someone else maybe, but it doesn't teach me jack-shit.

A complex life is more satisfying. Nature itself is complex -- so many parts, some in perennial conflict, some in harmony.

The complex nature of life is what makes life so unique and exciting.

A simple life is for simpletons. Like Buddhists, for example.

redbean said...

it's a personal choice. some like to live gloriously. some rather choose a sedate lifestyle. to each his own.

Matilah_Singapura said...

IS all you can offer an opinion on my opinion? Which was a n opinion on an opinion? Which was an opinion on your opinion?

Only mad people start blogs.