Thieves and Thugs

The thieves and thugs of today are not called Ah Seng or Ah Long. They don't have tattoos all over their bodies. They don't carry guns or knives. Very likely they come armed with a string of degrees from Harvard or Yale or some Ivy League Universities. And they are well connected and protected. Actually they are all very nice people. Dressed in designer suits and can be seen in all the high places. And for sure, they don't kill. They don't cheat people of a few dollars or a few cents. They only talked about millions and billions. They don't rob. They just reward themselves for their talents. Their rightful claims.


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you sound jealous.

Anonymous said...

And they sell snake oils among others things.

redbean said...

the best part is that they will not be punished. look at all the banks falling in wall street. heard of anyone being charged?

Anonymous said...

You cannot charge someone just because you are jealous of their wealth, redbean. Grow up, my friend. Mismanagement may or may not involve fraud. Even if it does involve fraud, sifting through the complex web of paper trail may be too daunting a task for any public prosecutor. They may as well concentrate on the straight forward cases they are sure to win.

Anonymous said...

Redbean, if you were one of those bankers selling those minibonds and knowing that the more you sell the bigger your year end bonus will be, would you be so "holier than thou" as you are now. I am sure not!!!!

Matilah_Singapura said...

No matter how much these Viy League corporate cowboys get away with, they cannot hold a candle to The State when it comes to sustained, open and violent theft.

The government will always be the biggest robber -- 500mil in bonuses and pay to Lehman's CEO is a fraction of the taxes and private property even the smallest govt's take from their citizens.

Even ex-GS boss Paulson's "inside job" of sharing the wealth with his mates pales in comparison to what the IRS takes and spends on lavish entertainment extravaganzas in places like Iraq, and keeping defence contractors fat.

Now this is when govts are behaving legally. Individuals in govt often behave illegally (Thaksin's just been sentenced), so to add to the legal theft, there is OFTEN also private larceny going on amongst stet officials.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrite! who are they?

Thieves, robbers, mobsters and gangsters, even prostitute and
porn stars, they are not...

Middle class, rich, educated, and those who say tey are doing good deeds in the name of charity, humanity and don't forget ALLAH or God or Jesus if he is your god.

NO free lunch... something for nothing.

We all should be wary of Sherpard in wolf skin.

Cheer, smoke a peace pipe or take a toke... disillusion will be illuminated.


Anonymous said...

Now that the United States declared that She does not have enough investigators to look into the fraud cases suspected in the recent Financial Meltdown. It is as good as to say the Law has broken down.

There shall be no justice for the victims. But it has USD$10 billion for war games every month.

Over here in SIN, it has tens, or is it hundreds of BILLIONS of SIN Dollars for Foreign Investments, mainly in sick Western Banks.

Just a personal view, the Blacks(African Origins) will run USA soon.


Anonymous said...

I was reading GG forum and something came into my mind about us asian.

in US many people have lost their home and investment. Yes they don't like it either. They are angry that Govt is bailing out the FAT CATs.

Here is the THING ... they know they have lost their hard earn money and move on... ie. they don't expect to get it back or TRYING TO GET IT BACK like us asians.


Anonymous said...

To patriot,

First wait until Fat Lady had Sung.

I am not worry if a Black person is the President of USA. I hope he Barak Obama win, Just to see if he is different from other pliticians.

But this is what worries me, the White, Pesonal view, they are a fearful people and they breed politics of fear & hate( v. subtle)especially the GOP base on religion and colour.


Anonymous said...

Dear Anon Oct22, 2008 at 1:07AM.

Hi! Nice to have your interaction.

The Rise of the African Races in the USA is a sign that the Blacks have liberated themselves successfully. They were brought into the US as slaves some two over centuries ago.

Tough there were freedom fighters(both Blacks and Whites) throughout all those years, the Blacks can never be said to have hold the Political Bastion in America.

Now, we see Ex- General Powell coming in to side Barack Obama and hopefully Condeleeza Rice would join them. And the World will see an evolving revolution materializes.

It will be nice to see African Cultures which I find more spiritual(emotion) and much less materialistic/scientific than the American Cultures of money, gratification and glory.


redbean said...

i pray for obama's safety.

to answer to anonymous, whatever we are doing, business or non business, always ask your conscience and if you can sleep well.

i have know one guy who claimed that he would not care a dime as long as he made his bucks. he lost everything and today is sending me sermons and words of god daily.

Anonymous said...


no worry for Obamas' wellbeing.

There is no reason for Americans to want a racial chaos at this point in time. Unless his opponents are blind to the fact that the US is in dire strait. A racial conflict could be ignited if Obama is harmed and the United States could well disintegrate if it happens.

Only the politicians are interested in politics, the average citizens have to worry more about their livelihoods.


redbean said...

when the empire is breaking apart, that could be exactly what would happen at this critical time.

there are still extremists in their midst.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Obama will become the next president of USA. Who was it wh said that he was a flash in the pant?? Must have been a very clever person??????

Anonymous said...

ROFL nice one anonymous