Thank you Mr Tan Kin Lian

'Thank you Mr. Tan. You have done a lot for us w/o any compensation. You are such as selfless person. We really appreciated it.' This is posted in Tan Kin Lian's blog by an appreciative anonymous blogger. Two things strike me. One, Tan Kin Lian is a selfless person. I thought such animals are already extinct in paradise, when everyone is working for money? And that's the second point, working for free. Now I understand why Tan Kin Lian is standing there all alone and no one else would want to do the same. Who wants to work for free? The other connotation is that his talent is worthless. If he is worth his salt, then people will pay him for his talent. Or he should demand to be paid. The worst case is that because he is working for free, people start to question his motive. Now that is bad isn't it? I would like to suggest to Kin Lian that he charges a small fee. Then people who question his motive will not have anything to smear him. The more he demands, the more transparent he becomes and the better appreciated will be his talent.

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Anonymous said...

He should be charging a rate of more than a million dollar per annum, billable to the SG government, since he is doing the job that our minister of finance refuses to do.

The minister of finance, on the other hand, should pay his entire salary to Tan KL and continue sucking thumb at home.