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Selling water to Malaysia

The Marina Barrage is hailed as an engineering marvel, one of its kind and the first in the world. It delivers a number of direct benefit to the country. With its completion we should be self sufficient in our water needs and no longer be dependent on Malaysia. The Barrage is also one of the biggest land or water reclamation from the sea. It provides leisure and sporting activities as well as preventing tidal floods. And many things can be built around it. It is time that we negotiate to sell our water treatment plant to Malaysia and also to negotiate to sell them quality water when our water agreement expires in the near future. Now this will be a bigger feat.


Anonymous said...

No, no, no. Malaysians were at one time making fun of Singapore's newater, calling it 'drinking our own urine'. So, they will not buy our water, die die for sure lah! Anway, Mathathir already said they have plenty of water to spare. If Singapore don't want to buy their water, he will ask Malaysians to take more baths every day. See, 'Malaysia Boleh'

Anonymous said...


the Malaysians will be laughing with their toes.

Why would they choose desalinated water when they have abundance of resh water.

All they need to do is dig up some big holes and that's it.


redbean said...

it is the treating of the water that is important. river or reservoir water can also be toxic and contaminated with maggots and rotten meat and shit. our reservoir will eventually be fresh water.

Anonymous said...

yes, if the neighbours want to be fresh energetic and cando like us, they must drink our special water.

redbean said...

ssssh. you just reveal our state secret: )

Anonymous said...

Redbean, are you sure our reservoirs have never be 'corpse-taminated?' Honestly and really sure? True, it is the treatment that is important, but I have never gotten over the mental barrier of drinking newater. My children told me newater taste - erh weird.

redbean said...

all rivers have corpses of animals and animal shit. no dif.

as for newater, i also got this funny feeling. place a glass of water from the tap over night and the next day you can feel a layer of slim in the cup. can't recall this to be the case in the past.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Malaysia needs to be invaded periodically, just to remind them to behave themselves.

Newater is run by the govt. Therefore failure in already built into the system.