Raising quality of our future generation

Graduates will produce graduates. Good graduates produce good graduates. We need to be careful in the new citizens we are bringing in or they will dilute the quality of our future generations. We must only bring in couples who are graduates, and from accredited universities. We need to check the quality of our new citizens. We cannot contaminate our stock with conmen, tricksters, cheats or third grade graduates from third grade universities. Quality control is the key. Don’t pray pray with our future. Oh, not to forget, Singaporeans must only be allowed to marry foreigners who are graduates of reputable universities. Marrying non grads like chef, musicians, artistes, singers, footballers, sportsmen and women, etc should be banned. In this way our future generations will all be of graduate caliber. A new super race!


Anonymous said...

Maybe one day, we can boast to the World that our taxi and bus drivers are graduates. Our buildings are maintained by Master Degreed graduate technicians and can therefore withstand earthquake of 10 magnitudes. AND

maybe most bloggers are PhD and above in qualifications.

The struggles and competitions in the future are likely to be for the elites to be more elite than others. Cleverer than the clever but never the cleverest.

Time for us(me and the likes), the low or uneducated, to watch the fights.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, got to add a little more.

We do need gods or demi-gods to lead the Nation of Graduates. Singapore cannot afford Graduates to run Graduates, can it?

Btw, redbean; as feared, it was reported that attempt was made on African Americans, specifically Barack Obama. The Split(Race) has began, disintegration is germinating and the rot has started. The 'most powerful country' in the World maybe be relegated soon.


Matilah_Singapura said...

I think the state should go one further by issuing licenses for people to fuck.

In that way we can rest assured that over time the "bad genes" are selectively bred out of the national gene-pool.

Lee Kuan Yew should masturbate into bottles on a daily basis, and his sperm used to impregnate as many high-IQ women in a nation-wide drive to develop "quality" citizens of the future.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matilah, do have a little respect for our MM. He is the only one we have. Kindly show a little respect. OK?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, even graduates might have inherited some 'bad genes', not the intellectual kind though. Then you have highly intelligent beings, but they could be cruel, unforgiving, arrogant and inhuman. Don't believe?

Anonymous said...

kneel and pray,

LKY might be saying after 2generations graduate Singaporeans, we are still not super race yet?

Matilah_Singapura said...

anon 417

I have enormous respect (in the evil sense) for LKY as I do for Adolf.

How can single human beings control the consciousness of millions, and get those millions to act in ways which eventuall result in boosts to the power and reputation of these (in particular) historical luminaries?

Dude, that's awesome!

redbean said...

they don't come around very often. maybe every few centuries.