Pressure to sell

High Notes 2 is not low risk, according to Janet Mohan of DBS. And HN2 is rated A- by Standard and Poor. In fact most of the notes sold were rated A and above. And they were high risk. Why were there so many complains that the buyers did not know that they were high risk. And for HN2, the principal is not even protected? Can such notes be sold to the Ah Peks and Ah Mahs in the hardland? Looking at their risk profile and literacy, most of them would not know what they were buying. (I am waiting for something to ask S&P to explain what they were doing.) A letter to the Today forum by L H Tang said it all. A fresh graduate joining a bank and with a quota to fulfill to keep his job. By all means, get the sales or lose the job. And he is given the title financial consultant! And he confessed that he was 'under immense pressure to think of ways such products can be "beneficial" to them(consumers).' Performance, performance, performance. Profits, profits and profits. In paradise, high rewards and recognition will be given to whover can scheme something that can bring in more money. Whether suitable to the consumers, whether the consumers like it or need it, doesn't matter. Better still if it can be made compulsory.

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