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Plaque of distinction

We have a superior system based on three pillars of integrity. No corruption, Transparency and No GuanXi. We should engrave these virtues in a plaque and hang them at the main entrance of all Ministries and even in the airport for visitors to see. This is our mark of excellence that we can wave to everyone. PS. I have amended Quanxi to Guanxi, which was originally intended. Thanks for the correction.


Anonymous said...

What is your definition of QuanXi? Fmily values or NO Chinese( I mean China Man)??

Anonymous said...

Or is it rojak for roti john.

redbean said...

quanxi means connection or even nepotism.

Anonymous said...

No nepotism??? You MUST be joking??? Redbean, have you been living in a foreign land all these years?? To say that there isn't nepotism in paradise is a joke. I hope you ARE jesting.

redbean said...

you don't like dat can? everyone is appointed to where they are by meritocracy. just because they happened to be connected do not equate to nepotism.

Anonymous said...

OK, OK if you insist. You win. You are right and I am wrong. Please forgive lah, can or not?

redbean said...

:) i never say i am right ok. just making a statement.

Anonymous said...

Dear redbean;

without quangxi, one lives alone and die lonely.

Quangxi is very essential to ones existence, quangxi makes living meaningful.

And quangxi can also make some powerful, wealthy and abusive.

Quangxi(relationship) is neutral, it can make one filial, patriotic, loving and sincere. BUT,

it can be abused; nepotism, cover-up, collusion and conspiracy etc.

Quangxi is liked fire and water, very essential but can be very dangerous. No matter what, we have to have it.


Matilah_Singapura said...

If you are going to have a state, and therefore a govt to run the state (the sovereign territorial authority) then you are going to automatically have corruption.

The state can legalise corruption by simply passing laws. But legalised corruption is still corruption.

The state also changes the language and definitions so that legalised corruption is "not actually" corruption.

Everyone is free to play silly word games. I simply call a spade, a spade, and leave the silly word games to people to craven to make a stand, or are just plain dishonest liars.

Anonymous said...

Quanxi is a term for elite
Guanxi is a term for layman.

Redbean, please use layman term unless you think you are elite.

" But legalised corruption is still corruption."

Nonsense. There is never corruption in Singapore, only Leeruption. Don't confuse corruption with Leeruption. Leeruption is a higher league than corruption. Who need corruption when there is Leeruption ?
As what is the meaning of Leeruption, just ask Dr Chee.

redbean said...

ok, will use the correct term next time. so complicated. layman how to understand quanxi.

let's have more guanxi among ourselves, more drinking session and karaoke.

redbean said...

oh, careful when relating people with corruption unless you can prove it.

let's talk about corruption in general rather than too specific. too dangerous an area to tread.

Anonymous said...

It's GuanXi la. Not Quanxi.

Anonymous said...


where do You drink and sing or sing and drink? And in what languages? If I may know.

I am a bad singer but very good listener; with a beer tummy.


redbean said...

ya, the correct term is guanxi.

and patriot, i have only tried singing in a karaoke session once. that's all. but like you, i listen to english, mandarin and hokien pop.

i am an occasional drinker. don't go to pubs just to drink. used to drink with friends in seletar golf club when invited or return invitation to nuss guild house. only for social.


Anonymous said...

Ocassionally I visit Safra Tampines on Friday.

Quite a nice place, give it a check-out and enjoy your evening!


redbean said...

other than a couple of times at temasek club, i have not visited any of the safra clubs. hardly go to places just to drink.