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Paying the best and getting the best

This must be an open secret to all. We pay the best for the best to give the people the best. The result of this brilliant policy is for all to see. We have the best govt, the best infrastructure and one of the biggest national reserve on a per capita basis in the world. We have billions and billions to spend or to fall back on. We are the envy of the world. At the people level, more than 80% are home owners. The people can afford to buy anything that they want, and paying top prices for them too, happily. For they can afford to. They buy cars at a price beyond anyone's imagination. They pay for a govt flat that can buy them a sprawling home in Australia or in some cheaper countries. They are learning to pay more for medical and legal bills. All these are in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. No sweat. Singaporeans can afford to pay. They also pay top dollars for the best people to manage an efficient and reliable power system. And they have the privilege to pay one of the highest electricity tariffs in the world. This is what they get for getting the best to enable them to pay more for things which others will pay less for it. And at the end of the day, many will have several hundred thousands in their savings when they retire, or if they ever retire. And they can carry along with them into the next life with plenty to spare.


Anonymous said...

I think you'd made a good point. At least to me, we have an effective and rational team, which as you'd pointed out, is an envy to many, yet the irony increasingly seems to be that we are paying alot more on the bills all the time despite the blessings. Which brings me to wonder, does the escalating costs of living caused by policies such as highly profitable privatised (or soon to be) transport and power companies hiking their fees which irked public consumers to no ends as examples, go hand in hand with good and responsible governance or are they separated from the issues of governance by virtue these companies are not in the public domain?

Anonymous said...

"This is what they get for getting the best to enable them to pay more for things which others will pay less for it."

EVry now and then, the price of postage stamps are jacked higher. Used to be done quietly at 1 ct each time, now no longer the need for small increments anymore. Just happily jumped from 22 to 26cts and the sky is their limit. They are already the comfortable monopoly, and yes they need to increase the fees in order to make more money, even though they were already making tons. Just where are the watchdogs when you need them?

redbean said...

just go to case and they will help you.

Anonymous said...

They need to increase stamp fees in order to make more money to pay the best and getting the best. It is beginnning to sound like a mantra that is chanted every day, in and out of Parliament.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about getting the best. Today best is tomorrow worst. Simplicity is the best.