Of fine food and shit

The foreign workers problem in Serangoon Garden is like the traffic congestion problem. You squeeze at one corner, it will prop up in another corner. That is how small and how tight we are. We don't have the luxury of space. When your neighbour farts, you smell it. What we need is a special path direct to heaven for the foreign workers. I mean have a special express like helicopter lift, from dormitory to work place and back. You cannot have the cake and eat it as well. You want to eat all the fine food, be prepared for the smell when they are turned into shit.


Anonymous said...

I suspect the real problem is the perceived eventual drop in property prices of the surrounding houses. Traffic congestion is just an excuse. Foreign workers cannot afford their own cars and how many more buses will there be. Is Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 really that congested?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Put the lot of them in the Holland Road and Bukit Timah areas -- where many of the 'elite' live.

Then sit back and enjoy the scandals.

"Minister's wife blows Bangladeshi labourer!...'I enjoy delicious exotic foreign imports', she said as if referring to Hagan Daas"

Ah... the wonderful opportunities of globalisation!

"Perm Sec's teenage daughter gang-banged in Holland V by Thai construction workers!".... 'I guess she like Sperm Sex' quipped a precocious, fat and bespectacled ACS boy studying for his Nobel Prize at Starbucks.

"SAF Colonel's son sells drugs to Malaysian wage-slaves". 'I want to be a good entrepreneur so I can be CEO of GLC one day — perhaps even Temasek, or a bio-tech/pharmaceutical company'.