New format

Hi everyone, I have just changed the template and trying to work around the system. For the moment I have lost the list of contributors and I will try to get it back asap. Will see how much or what else I can add to the new format. Cheers PS. Please click on 'follow this blog' to insert your name in the box. This should do the trick.


Abao said...

Nice template change redbean =)

While I'm sitting in Tekong, the World is reeling from the effects of the Wall Street Crash...

The SGD seems to have weakened drastically over the past week, making my figure and magazine imports markedly more expensive =(

Though I can count myself lucky that I'm not in the workforce now I guess, or else I'd be looking at some dark horizon in the months to come.

redbean said...

you have many nice pics in your site.

everyone is getting poorer since last week. but the rich will still be richer.

when we are hit a bit more, the serangoon garden problem will solve by itself. and singaporeans can think of replacing the foreign workers.