Need to be more proactive in asking questions

MPs will raise questions in Parliament on the recent financial turmoil. But most of the questions will be on the selling of risky bonds by banks and how these were done and the need for closer supervision. Isn't it a bit too late? Why wait until the coffin is about to be lowered into the grave to ask questions? I am hoping that some MPs will raise the issues of the stock market and the relevance of its mechanism. The amount of money wiped out from the stock market is much much more than the money lost in the risky bonds. Caveat emptor is no longer acceptable. The stock market must provide a level playing field for all investors and some of the processes that are anti investment or inherently negative to the healthy growth of a stock market must be reviewed and put right. The MPs should also look into the values that have been wiped out, the number of penny stocks in the market which is now a laugh stock, and how companies and investors are going to be affected by falling stock values. It is better to ask question before people start falling from the flats or jumping onto MRT tracks.

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